How to Revoluntize Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing has changed so much in the past decade alone. Businesses used to spend most of their marketing budget on billboards, flyers, and television and radio commercials. Now successful businesses, even small to medium-sized ones have shifted their focus to online marketing efforts. As the best SEO company in Canada, we have outlined numerous ways you can revolutionize your marketing strategy, in order to strengthen your brand.


If your website is just a brochure for your business, you are doing it wrong and are missing out on many growth opportunities. Your website should be more than just what your business is about, your pricing, and industry experience. Instead, you should have resources that help identify and solve problems that your potential consumers may have. This includes blogs, forms that grow your email list, and downloadable sources like slideshows and “how to” guides. Websites have not only gotten more attractive, but they are much smarter. Companies of all ages and size have been taking advantage of tools to automate and personalize their website in order to increase visitors and conversion online.


You should consider adding short video clips to your website if you haven’t already, as consumers are often more willing to watch a video than read large amounts of text. It is a great way to grab and hold the attention of website visitors. With thousands of hours of video uploaded onto YouTube every single day, this industry does not show any sign of slowing down. With emerging technology and faster internet, high-quality videos can be created by anyone with any budget level. Videos have the potential to shock, excite, entertain, inform and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


Keeping up with current technological trends can also help to revolutionize your marketing strategy. This doesn’t mean adopting every new social tool, but you should focus on understanding how and why people are using these tools. It is more important to understand consumer behaviour versus social tools that may become irrelevant in a couple months or days. Some common emerging technologies include artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Try to understand how search and the customer experience is affected by these tools, and how it affects customers that are searching for your business.


The great thing about marketing campaigns are that they can always be changed to perform better. However, to do this, you must understand the numbers behind your campaigns. Looking at your Google Analytics pages, social media results and impressions, and other marketing numbers can help you figure out areas you need to improve on. If you build a habit of continuously checking your numbers, you can identify trends. It will also allow you to see where you are getting the most traffic, so you can focus your attention on those efforts more. If you are having issues analyzing the numbers, the best SEO company in Canada can help you figure them out.


Increasing your online presence is essential, but businesses cannot forget about personal, face-to-face interactions. You should also be making constant effort to meet potential customers firsthand, whether this is through tradeshows or networking events. You can interact with these same customers via both offline and online platforms to strengthen your brand in the consumers mind. The bigger and stronger your network, the greater the potential for success!


A great online presence is only great as long as it keeps the interest of your consumers. You should constantly be adding new content to your website to keep your consumers engaged and returning to your website. This will help strengthen your long-term conversion rate. All your offline and online efforts should be combined to create one seamless, multi-tiered marketing campaign. As the best SEO company in Canada, we can help you constantly post interesting and relevant content, if this is something you do not have time to achieve yourself.
Eran Hurvitz

Dynamic, dedicated, and determined, Eran's passion for technology and marketing led him to start his own digital marketing agency, Mrkt360. Presently he is CEO at Mrkt360 Inc. and Co-Founder at Highbreed Corp. With a passion for technology and over 20 years of experience in the field, Eran is confident in his ability to help businesses achieve their online goals to creating Successful Companies.