YouTube Handles

Google recently introduced a new feature for YouTube accounts: handles.

This new tool will significantly improve navigation and facilitate interaction between users and content creators.

Creators and marketers should be on the lookout when generating new YouTube marketing strategies, as handles might change how the game is played.

What are YouTube handles? How do they work

Similar to how handles work in Twitter and TikTok, YouTube handles are unique identifiers for channels. Every channel will have the option to choose a unique handle in the coming weeks.

Channel names are not unique, even though you can give them whatever name you want, and anyone can copy the name of your channel. Several impersonating or bot channels are copying more successful channels, and the only way to distinguish between them is by verifying the original channel.

Here is where handles come into play. Handles are unique and make identification easier than channel names.

Handles will be displayed as "@handlename." On our YouTube channel, for example, the handle would be "@Mrkt360". This format will help creators and brands maintain their presence on YouTube.

This is also available for everyone, unlike requirements for channel verification. All channels will have a handle, regardless of their subscriber count, video amount, or hours watched. It also does not matter if you are a creator or a viewer, as YouTube removes the 100-subscriber requirement applied to custom URLs.

You will see the handle on your channel homepage, in search results, in shorts, and community posts and comments. The handle will also become part of your channel's URL, making it easy to link and promote your channel on other platforms—for example,

How do I claim/change my handle?

YouTube will be assigning handles to all channels during the following weeks. You’ll be informed via email and notification in YouTube Studio when the time comes for you to choose.

A personalized YouTube URL will automatically become your handle if you already have a personalized YouTube URL. Once notified, you’ll be able to change it. If you're not available, you can choose from other options.

By going to on your computer or mobile device with the YouTube app, you can change your handle anytime, so long as the handle isn’t already in use.

Click on “Change Handle” at the center of the page. You’ll be able to type in your choice of handle to check availability or pick one of the suggested handles based on your channel name.

Then you press Confirm Selection, and voila, you have your own YouTube handle.


How long can my YouTube handle be?

YouTube allows you to name your handle for up to 30 characters in length, with a minimum of 3.

What happens if I don’t select a YouTube handle?

YouTube will automatically assign you one if you have not selected a handle by November 14, 2022. You can change the handle at any time in the YouTube Studio.

What happens to my existing YouTube links?

They will still be there, and they’ll still work. The only change is that YouTube will change your personalized URL to include your new handle. YouTube recommends that creators update their social media and external websites to include the new URL.