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About Tencent

Tencent has become a leading provider of internet services in China. It ranks amongst the top-5 most valuable internet companies globally, and generated revenues of USD $21.9B in 2016. With over 800M active audiences, and 16B+ total daily pageviews, it ranks as the #1 internet company in China and Asia and the #2 internet company globally.

Tencent has a dominant position across consumer internet verticals in China. As you can see “QQ” is equivalent to “Messenger” and “Qzone” is equivalent to “Facebook” and so forth.

Chinese users spend >55% of their mobile internet usage on Tencent products. This poses an opportunity for advertisers to target Chinese consumers on their mobile devices.

Tencent has many of China’s leading products, with many different ways to reach users.

Pictures of China Products
Perks For Our Clients

As an agency partner of Tencent, we have unlocked additional benefits we can transfer to our clients. Here are just some of the many:

U.S Led Service: We have a U.S based designated Account Manager that will help guide us through the planning,  reporting, and insights from all Tencent Platforms. In addition to this, we have assistance from Tencent’s Ad Operations team in China

First Look Opportunities: Agency partners will be amongst the first to learn about new formats and targeting options

Customized Pulls & Targets: Partners will have exclusive access to special data pulls and targeting options (e.g. look-a-like targeting, re-targeting, pre-emptive travel, etc.) that are not available publicly

Opportunity to Set Up Weixin/WeChat Official Accounts: Tencent will assist select key advertisers who are interested in setting up a Weixin/WeChat Official Account*


Sample list of targeting options across Tencent platforms. By working directly with Tencent International, Mrkt360 provides more targeting options than those listed below:

How It Works
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