Frequently Asked Questions


What qualifications do you hold?

Mrkt360 is a Google certified Premier Partner and Facebook Partner. All our employees are Google trained with the relevant certifications. We also ensure that we work with third party partners who are qualified and well trained in their fields.

What is the difference between a Premier Google Partner and a Google Partner?

Being a Premier Google Partner means that we completed product and account management training and certification. Premier Google Partners are carefully screened for their knowledge and ability to create and manage digital advertising campaigns for small to medium sized businesses at sale. They also meet Google’s training requirements, commit to high levels of training requirements, and have extensive experience supporting businesses.

What sort of businesses have you worked with?

Although we have experience in many industries, our core clientele comprises of financial companies such as ForEx and Fintech, startups insurance, and professionals such as lawyers, doctors and dentists. We work with a large variety of clients, from smaller business to publicly traded corporations.

Can you guarantee results?

No marketing agency or professional can guarantee results. This is a result of the multiple variables associated with SEO (search engine optimization), especially since Google’s algorithm is a secret. However, we can provide a track record of highly successful projects from different sectors. You can also view some of our client’s testimonials to see the results we have achieved for them.


What software do you use?

Mrkt360 uses a number of leading industry tools to implement projects for our clients. We do not have a set standard of tools. Rather, we use the best tool suitable for your business.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes we do. We have worked with multiple agencies who have required services such as Penalty Removal. We will happily take on take on tasks or exchange services from other agencies.

Do you outsource?

While we would love to be experts in everything, it is not possible. We believe that to create exceptional results for our clients, we have to use the best resources available. The types of services we often outsource include web development and copywriting. We have a trusted set of experts who produce the high quality work we require for our clients.


How will you report your progress during projects?

We have a transparent and open policy when working with our clients. We ensure that our clients have full information on the development of the project. We use a platform known as Basecamp to communicate with the client and all the team members involved in a project. The client has exclusive access to all the information shared on this platform. Monthly reports will also be provided for completed and upcoming work. If you require further information, feel free to give us a call at any time.

How will long will it take to see results?

For PPC (pay-per-click) projects, the results are almost immediate but projects such as SEO and web design will require more time. All projects have different timescales and may sometimes be out of our control. At Mrkt360, we like to take care of minor tasks first so that the clients may start to see noticeable improvements as early as 60 days after the start date.

How will we be able to contact you?

We use a project management platform known as Basecamp to communicate with the client and all the team members involved in a project. This is where the client can communicate with our agency and be updated on campaign progress. You may also contact us via email, phone, or one-on-one meetings.

Do have minimum length contracts?

While we have short term and are even rolling out monthly contracts, we prefer to have long-term contracts with our clients. This helps us develop long-term planning and implement tactics which may require more time, but will provide better results.  Nonetheless, our clients have the opportunity to cancel their contract at anytime within a 30-day notice.

How much do you charge?

All our projects are tailored specifically to the clients needs and unique business situation. This makes it difficult to provide an estimation of the actual cost. Most of our clients typically come to us with budgets that go from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousands. We focus on adjusting our strategies, volume of work and time based on the budget available.

Are your prices fixed or negotiable?

Our packages have standard prices which are altered on a case by case basis. The final amount will depend on the complexity of the issue presented. For example, if your website requires a lot of  backlink removals, the prices of the SEO package will be higher. Hence, the total charge will depend on what you’re looking to achieve as a business.

What are your payment terms?

All projects require an upfront payment, except for web design which is a 50% payment before the project and 50% after. Then, additional payments are made on a monthly basis. All the necessary payment agreements and changes in the budget will be communicated and agreed upon ahead of time. There will be no surprises.


Are we welcome to come see you at your office?

Of course! You are welcome to visit and have a coffee with us at any time. We will be happy to offer you a no-obligation consultation.

What locations do you cover?

We have offices in Vaughan, Calgary, Montreal, Egypt and Israel. We cater to clients anywhere in the world. For our clients who are not able to visit us physically, we hold regular video conferences so you can discuss with us when needed.


What is AdWords?

AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for businesses who wish to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service focuses primarily on keywords.

Do you only use Google AdWords?

Most of our clients use AdWords, but this is not the only platform available. There are other PPC services such as Facebook Advertising which can also be very effective. We recommend the best advertising platform and strategy suitable for your business goals.

Can I appear at the top of Google searches if I increase my budget?

Not necessarily. Ranking first in Google has nothing to do with your budget. You cannot pay to be at the top of the page. It is true that large Marketing budgets can help in SEO, but it does not guarantee results. Instead, creating regular, relevant and quality content will help outrank other companies. For paid advertising, you can pay to appear higher in the paid results, but this has no impact on the organic search results.

Do you stop work as soon the budget is used up each month?

At Mrkt360, we put our full attention to the services we offer for our clients to achieve the results they want. This means that we sometimes overwork for them. The good news is we do not charge for these extra services. We do it because we want to!  We advise our clients to provide automatic payment opportunities to avoid interruption of services.

Why do you only refer to Google when discussing search engines, and not Bing or Yahoo?

It is true that there are other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo Search. However, 90% of the businesses in Canada use Google which means that there is a lot more search traffic to these websites. This is why we focus on optimizing websites for Google only. If you operate in a country where other search engines are dominant, we will tailor our strategies to ensure the best possible results for you.


Do you manage social media?

Yes, we manage Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, we like to play more of a consultant role. We suggest speaking with internal teams within your company who will take on the task. This is because they are more familiar with the company’s products, services, tone and customers. This will also help the team learn and implement the changes themselves going forward.


What is a Google Penalty?

A Google Penalty is a punishment administered by Google when the content on websites do not fully comply with their marketing practices. As Google is always changing their ranking algorithm, you could get a penalty at any time. You can also receive a penalty if you use “black hat” SEO tactics. Some examples of this are keyword-stuffed content, unedited content, or republished content from other websites without permission.

Can you help with Google Penalties?

Yes, we can. Through our AI platform, Mrkt365, we have helped clients and other agencies recover from penalties. It is important to note that we have never had any of our clients penalised for the work we carried out. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any help.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us here, or leave us an email at