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The Importance of Copywriting

So, you’ve got amazing skills that can help many companies and businesses improve their bottom line by 100% or more.

The question is, how can you reach the CEOs and leaders of these companies?

If you could reach them, the next question beckons: They’re busy people. Why should they read what you typed to them?

Why in the world must they listen to you?

Unless you’re a powerhouse in the marketing and sales world, the chances of them listening to what you have to offer is close to nil.

Enter the power of copywriting.

  • Copywriting is basically the art of selling, plus persuasion, and a pinch of art and a dash of skill on top of the cake of sales.
  • What copywriting is supposed to do is to make sure that the cake looks so good, these CEOs will RUSH to get a piece, instead of you begging them to taste what you made.
  • As you’ve guessed, the central topic of this post is on the importance of copywriting, and how it can propel your business into the top positions and leave the rest of the competition far, far behind.
  • Copywriting isn’t a skill that can be developed in a day; it takes years of practice to produce great copy that sells. It takes countless hours of trial and error to perfect just one script for one company; can you imagine the amount of failures and rejections that copywriters go through over the years?

As mentioned above, copywriting is part sales, part persuasion, and a dash of personality and skill with words that sits on top of the cake. To be proficient, you need to be able to have all these elements in equal measure, which is no mean feat.

Sure, you have the content that you want to push to consumers to purchase. How will you be able to word it in such a way that will garner the attention of readers or CEOs?

People can (and will) see right through a sales pitch. Nobody ever likes being ‘sold’ something. It makes people defensive.

This is where copywriting has become less of a technique-based science, and more of an abstract art of communicating with people, and building rapport.

Having a personality is also important! Your character and confidence has to shine through the copywriting to portray that you’re indeed the person you say you are, and that you have the expertise that you claim to have.

You have to prove that you or your product is THAT GREAT, THROUGH your copy!

The ultimate goal of any copy that is sent out to end customers (such as direct mail copy), or to multinational conglomerates is to impress potential clients that you’re such a good copywriter that they will purchase your products or services, as well as any miscellaneous services that you care to offer. This is the business end goal.

Basically, the core function of copywriting is in convincing people to do what you want them to do (i.e. a call to action). It could be to motivate people to enroll in a gym, or to buy your products (which is as above)

So if anyone has ever told you that copywriting isn’t important for a business, that person is probably not in business.

If anyone has ever told you that copywriting isn’t a useful skill at all, this person has probably never worked as a consultant or a freelance a day in his or her life.

Copywriting is one of the most important elements in business to secure contracts and clients.

Without copywriting, your company would be bankrupt and closed down.

Without copywriting, you would not be able to secure a job with your dream company (a CV is basically copywriting on a personal level)

“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.”Shirley Polykoff

You’re always selling something:-

  • you sell yourself to an interviewer for a job application or for a college entrance interview.
  • you sell yourself to a potential date, extolling your virtues and downplaying your weaknesses.

Copywriting is merely the written version of the art of selling yourself.

Have I convinced you of the importance of copywriting yet?

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