Copywriting is a particular skill that helps businesses secure contracts, reach new clients, and drive sales.

It combines the art of selling, plus persuasion, and a pinch of art and a dash of writing skill on top of the sales cake.

Many people will tell others copywriting isn’t important in the business world. Let us tell you now that those people are:

Not in the business world.

They have never worked for a consultant or freelance. Have no idea what copywriting is.

We’re going to guide you through what copywriting is and why it is essential for businesses while keeping things as simple as possible.

This brings us to our first lesson.

Simple is Superior!

Unlike most other forms of writing, copywriting is made to make someone do something. All copywriting must include a call to action (CTA).

You’ve probably encountered many CTA’s while browsing the internet or reading a flier:

  • Contact us today
  • Buy Now!
  • Click here to learn more about XYZ.

To put it simply, a CTA is anything that tries to make someone take action. Writing simpler is better at getting someone to take that action.

But how do you write simpler?

One way would be to do what we’re doing right now.

Use short and simple sentences.

This way, your writing will appear easier to read and will keep the reader going.

From this sentence…

To the next one…

And now you can’t stop.

Why does this work? Because it keeps your focus on what we’re writing about.

The more people focus on what you write, the more you can interact with them. The more time you interact with them, the more likely they are willing to commit to the action you want them to take!

You can also mix things up a little by adding a paragraph with longer sentences (like we did above).

Mix up simple writing and change the rhythm. That also grabs attention.

Moving on.

See how we’ve used bullet points before?

Bullet points are a great weapon at your disposal when copywriting. They’re usually used to list or recap benefits, steps, etc.

Transitions, on the other hand, carry the thoughts from one line to the next. Good copywriting will drive from one point to the next without too much fluff.

Make your point and move on.

    All in all:
  • Good copywriting must be simple and easy to understand.
  • No CTA? That’s not copywriting!
  • You’ll get the hang of it by practicing, eventually knowing what works.

Why is copywriting important?

Every smart business owner knows that every campaign they invest in won’t be a success.

Because that is not the point.

The point is to get the ball closer to the goal each time until you score!

Ultimately, copywriting is important because it is made to SELL.

A good copywriter does not worry about getting praised by their clients for their writing or winning an award. What matters for a good copywriter is the results of their copy.

Did the copy drive more sales? Did it get the ball closer to the goal?

Copywriters will always consider that first.

Important note: Copywriting is not a sales pitch. People can (and will) see through a sales pitch.

You must build rapport by adding personality and (you guessed it) writing simpler.

Copywriting is a mix of sales, persuasion, character and having a way with words. You have to use all of these in your writing with equal measure to be proficient in copy, which is no easy task.

Copywriting is also used in branding to make people notice or remind them about a brand.

People want to buy from brands they can identify with. A brand’s character and confidence must shine through its copywriting.

Copywriting in SEO

Any brand that wants to boost its SEO (search engine optimization) must craft good copywriting or be ready to hire copywriting experts.

You need good copywriting to reach your SEO goals, period.

Only proficient copywriters can create engaging content that resonates with your clients and includes all of the keywords you need to go viral at the same time.

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