We are proud to be Google partners

Our clients can be assured that they will get the highest quality and standards of services.


Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who have been certified and trusted by Google to manage AdWords accounts for clients.


Mrkt360 is a Google Partner who has earned the highest achievement of the Premier Google Partner Badge. Both the Partner badge and the Google Premier Partner badge shows that Google recognizes Mrkt360 as an AdWords certified partner. However, to recognize leading agencies who follow Google’s advertising best practices as well as manage a higher AdWords investment, Google offers the Premier Partner badge – which Mrkt360 has earned.

Google Premium Partners


As a top performing agency in Canada, we have been honoured with our very own Google support team. This is not only beneficial to us- but our clients. Our team at Google is helping with:

1. Account Activations

2. Account Maintenance: Monitoring and maintaining accounts to ensure the highest quality of account management.

3. Questions and Concerns: Our clients are able to directly speak to our account managers at Google to discuss their account strategies.

4. Google Beta Availabilities: If your account qualifies for a Google Beta, which is not available to the public, we will share this information with you. However, we require you to sign an NDA with Google.

5. Training: Our team has access to constant training, and updates on new features. This allows us to be up-to-date and knowledgeable for our clients.

6. Website Suggestions: As a team, we analyze and monitor your Google Analytics, and suggest the required changes to improve conversions on your website.

7. Google Partner Events: We co-host events to keep our potential and current clients updated on digital trends.4. Google Beta Availabilities: If your account qualifies for a Google Beta, which is not available to the public, we will share this information with you. However, we require you to sign an NDA with Google.


As a Google Partners, we follow Google's Best Practices which provides strategic advice on core search engine marketing tactics. It's intended to help you get the most out of AdWords. Based on Google's internal data and vetted by the people that built AdWords, this series helps form the foundation of your paid search strategies.Our goal as a Google Partners, is to be on top of the bar with the best practices, between all Google Partner companies. By following Google’s guidelines and suggestions, we have seen a drastic improvement in account management and conversions for our clients.


This video is a case study of a customer who explains his positive experience working with Google Partners.


In order to handle client accounts, our employees and contractors must be certified by Google partners. We will not allow anyone to touch or manage accounts, unless they have the skills and expertise to do so.

Employees who manage your accounts will have successfully passed:

1. Advertising Fundamentals

2. Advanced Search

3. Advanced Display

4. Video Advertising

5. Google Analytics Qualifications


Google constantly provides promotional coupons for our clients. The current available coupon is $600 CAD. For all active promotions, please click here

About Mrkt360: Mrkt360 is a Google Premier Partner marketing agency located in Toronto, Ontario. They were awarded the Gold Prize in the Google Partners competition, ranking them number three in Canada for new client revenue to Google. They provide services in Google AdWords, SEO, SMM, SEM, Web Design and more. With their artificial intelligence SEO platform, they have helped start-up companies grow from their incubation period to publicly traded companies, generating millions of clients for their customers, and 100’s of success stories. Moreso, CEO Eran Hurvitz, was the sole judge of the SEO competition held by WIX in 2017. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact MRKT360 at (416) 477-0587, email us at info@mrkt360.com or check out our Facebook Page.