Native Advertising

Go Native With Mrkt360

The Marketing landscape is changing - are you keeping up? Native Advertising takes a “less-is-more” approach by placing paid ads within regular content. Gone are the days of pop-ups and banner ads, Native Ads mimic the form and function of surrounding content. This strategic technique allows for marketing material to reach the desired consumer in their natural habitat. While many consumers are constantly consuming media through social channels and news websites, Native Advertising achieves top of mind awareness as consumers are being sold to without even noticing.

While Native ads are disclosed, they appear non-disruptive and are intended to read within the flow of surrounding content. The goal of Native Advertising is to create interest, not interruption. The strategically placed ads should elevate and build value in the area of consumer interest. Our Marketing Assistants at Mrkt360 are Native Marketplace Certified through Oath and Verizon Media. Verizon Media has shaped the way people are informed and entertained, through outlets like Yahoo, HuffPost, Tumblr and TechCrunch. The team at Mrkt360 are here to consult with you to craft the perfect campaign. Our expertise lies in understanding how to stand out based on Adwords and SEO, and this can be applied to create an impactful and lasting impression through Native Advertising.

What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising are paid ads that match the form and function of the media format in which they appear.

Have you been reading your favourite news website, or scrolling through your Instagram feed and come across a post that stands out? It matches the flow of the surrounding content, but it is selling you something. This is Native Advertising. This method is defined much more by where the ad appears, than by having a content-rich advertisement. A Native Ad includes an Image, Headline, Brand Logo, and Body Text. They can appear as videos, carousel, static images or mail ads. Each component of the ad can be structured based on the specific targets of your company. Native can be defined by Location, Design, Relevancy and Disclosure. If you are looking to utilize this impactful technique to elevate your business, please reach out to Mrkt360 today.

What Do Native Ads Look Like?

Native Ads appear as In-Feeds ads, Search & Promoted Listings and Content Recommendations. They are frequently used in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Buzzfeed,, and more. While each of these ads are intended to be read within the surrounding content, there are hints that indicate that the ad is in fact paid for. The ad can be indicated by:

  • “Advertisement” or “AD“ (Google, YouTube)
  • “Promoted” or “Promoted by [brand]”
  • “Sponsored” or “Sponsored by [brand]” or “Sponsored Content”
  • “Presented by [brand]” and “Featured Partner”

Being Transparent

Unclear labelling can leave the consumer feeling fooled or tricked, so Native Advertising must be sure to be transparent and genuine. The higher the quality of content, the higher the engagement and the more likely consumers will be receptive to the ad. Regardless of the story to ad tells, the end goal is to sell something, and consumers must be aware of this.

Ad Fatigue

Native ads are powerful because they combat Ad Fatigue. Consumers are so constantly overwhelmed with advertising that they can block direct ads out, Native ads are within the flow of regular content, so consumers can be influenced by the material without being acutely aware they are being sold something.