Catalogue Sales

Increase your sales by creating ad experiences that promote certain items from your product catalogue.

You can create catalogues for multiple inventory types, like products, hotels, home listings, and even vehicles!

Facebook’s Commerce Manager lets you add and manage information about your items and create sets for ads or collections for shops. This way, you can choose which ones to feature to your potential customers through your ads. 

You can advertise items from your catalogue in different ways:

  • Dynamic Ads show all relevant items from your catalogue to people that have shown interest in similar products online. 
  • Collection  Ads shows four items from your catalogue under an image or video. Viewers can interact with them to learn more or take a look at similar items.
  • Carousel Ads are ads that show various images or videos that people can interact with. Each ad has its respective link. You can also choose to fill the carousel ad with items from your catalogue automatically.
  • Product Tag Ads are ads where you can attach product tags from your catalogue. When viewers click on the product tags, they get directed to a page detailing the product to learn more about it. They are also given the option to buy the item from there.
  • Collaborative Ads allow you to sell products through retailers and merchants. The merchant shares a segment of their catalogue with your business. You can run ad campaigns with this catalogue segment they shared and drive sales of your products. You can also measure your sales and other conversions that occur on your partner’s website or app.

You can also share your catalogue to sales channels like Facebook Shops (products only) or the Marketplace (in the case of vehicles).

We hope you found this information helpful. If you are looking to optimize your ad campaigns to increase your catalogue sales, contact Mrkt360 today!