Using Display & Video 360 to Manage Your Digital Marketing Mix

What is DV360?

Display and Video 360 is part of Google's Marketing Platform. It enables campaign management across display, video, TV, audio and other multimedia channels, all from a single dashboard. DV360 has five main modules: Campaigns, Audiences, Creatives, Inventory and Insights. Each of these plays its role and offers different management tools, so let's quickly review them one by one:


This module is where you'll build and execute your cross-channel media campaigns. You can create, monitor, optimize and manage campaigns and insertion orders here. The campaigns module will present you with new views that will aid you in the organization of your campaign components.


In this module, you can manage your audiences with features that can help you build and maintain your audiences:

  • Audience profile analysis: You'll learn about your audience's composition based on third-party, first-party and Google data to create new audience sets.
  • Activity-based audience builder: Build audiences from the campaign activity in DV360.
  • Audience-based frequency caps: Set frequency caps across audiences based on all impression exposures.


In this module, you can bind your creative tactics to your media plan and data. It offers an environment for your entire creative team.

You'll notice features that assist you in building and managing creatives:

  • The Ad Canvas: Design your ads with real-time previews on the Ad Canvas, the perfect tool for visualizing your ads.
  • The Format Gallery: Discover new innovative formats, test them on the Ad Canvas, and browse Google Web Designer templates for custom solutions.
  • Data-driven creatives: Create different versions of your message that resonate with various audiences and set up rules to deliver your creative message.


Where you manage and find inventory from top publishers and broadcasters. Negotiating deals and exploring opportunities in the Marketplace is also possible in this module.


This module is where you will get all the information and metrics you need about your campaign. The features inside this panel will help you analyze performance and act on those results.

Added Benefits of Using DV360

Control Your Investments

Control every single aspect of your marketing investments. Manage all of your spendings from a single dashboard across both open auction and reserved purchases.

High-Value Inventory in Multiple Formats

Negotiate deals and buy swiftly and efficiently. You can access all significant exchanges and SSPs through DV360, including access to Youtube and GDN inventory through the Google Ad Manager. Access premium inventory in the Marketplace, obtain insights on publishers and forecast reach against your target audiences.

Reach Your Audience

Use your knowledge about your customers to reach them with the ideal messaging at the right time. Deliver ads on websites that are contextually relevant to your brand. The Audience Insights Module offers you the ability to build, manage and analyze your audiences for strategic outlining and ad scheduling.

Faster, Smarter Marketing, 

DV360 uses Google’s machine learning capabilities to automate tasks like bidding and optimization to respond to your audience’s needs quicker! Using Automated Bidding allows you to reach your set goals without having to update your campaign manually. Each bidding strategy uses automated machine learning algorithms. DV360 uses built-in intelligence to automatically show you insights and recommendations to reach your set goals.

High performing businesses understand the value of collaboration in achieving marketing and advertising objectives. By aligning data, creative information, and media, you can ensure your customers' best ad experiences while continually evolving your collaborative ecosystems. 

With DV360's new creative workspace, you can instantly access the insights and data you need to build superior ad campaigns and first-class user ad experiences. Additionally, by hiring a top marketing agency to help you get all of the value offered in DV360, you are one step closer to delivering faster, smarter marketing campaigns powered by Google's latest machine learning. 

Here at Mrkt360, our marketing experts and analysts are ready to assist you in connecting your marketing ecosystem. Contact us to get all the benefits of DV360 plus the added value of Mrkt360's marketing industry experience. Go full 360 for your data-driven marketing!