Local Listings Management

Let Us Help With The Presence Of Your Business Amongst Others!

Whenever a customer is looking for a particular product or service, the first thing they will do is pull out their mobile phone or computer and google it. They will most likely choose one of the first 3 suggestions, or, if you are lucky, they will scroll and see what is underneath on the first page. As over 90% of consumers use search engines to shop locally, it is not only important that your business is visible, but it must have a clear message that will draw the attention of the interested customer.

Local listing is an online marketing tactic that helps you develop your brand and generate awareness for your service offerings. It can directly help you drive traffic to your website to increase local exposure, reach out to a specific audience you want to target, and capture people’s attention. You can target people based on demographic, such as the city or town they live in. You can also target audiences according to predetermined profiles. Google integrates organic search results with the Google My Business profile, in order to enhance user experience and provide better local results. Therefore, it is important to have an updated local listing, and this is something we as Google Premier Partners can help you with.

Nowadays digital marketing has become a necessity for all local businesses. Local listing allows consumers to connect to any business instantly through platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, or Facebook. Local listing is not only more cost effective than advertising in traditional ways such as Yellow Pages, but can also provide a mass amount of audience for businesses since over 70% of the world now has access to the internet.

Local listing allows audiences to get to know your business in an easy, accessible and digital format. Let's not forget that local listing allows audiences to view your social media platforms and follow them for more updates of your business. Don't forget having accurate information on your local listing with high rankings, can help your business with its ranking on SEO and this is something MRKT360, online marketing agency Toronto, can help you with.

Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the most important local listings. Google My Business is used to make sure your listing appears to people when they are searching for your business or a business related to yours. Your presence can be on the most important platforms such as Google Search and Google Maps. Millions of people use Google My Business to easily create and update their information to stand out amongst others businesses. It shows videos, your contact info, location on the map, business hours, website’s link, business photos and ratings to drive people to your business. Therefore, Google My Business is one of the best ways to help business owners increase their online visibility in their local area and to get informed of people’s ratings and reviews for their business. Every business such as restaurants, salons, accountants, builders, photographers, and electricians can benefit from business listing management Toronto services.

Citation Building

Businesses use local citation to mention important factors such as address, hours of operation, and phone numbers. By managing citations businesses can ensure their data accuracy and therefore fix any inaccurate information to avoid customer and revenue loss. Thus, managing citations will affect search engine rankings positively. Businesses can gain awareness either intentionally by creating these citations on different websites, apps, and social platforms, or unintentionally based on people’s interest and sharing of information on news, sites, and government databases. Some of the important information that people can share and manage are business categories, videos, images, geo-coordinates and links to their social media platforms. Citations help with SEO, so having local listings is important in helping to boost your ranking. Mrkt360 can help you with business listing management Toronto, by cleaning up your citations, building new local citations, creating your local listings, and removing any duplicate listings you may have.

Duplicate Local Listings

As much as local listing is good for your business, you want to make sure to avoid duplicate listings. This means when a person searches for your entity, there should only be one listing in each of the platforms. There are many reasons that duplicate listing may occur, such as a change in the business’ data such as phone number or location. In this case, people might start creating a new local listing instead of just editing the existing one. People may also not be aware of an existing local listing, and start to create a new one. There are many reasons why duplicated listing can be harmful to your business such as division of the reviews and rankings between two listings, Google removing the duplicate listing which can be the one with the accurate information, and creating confusion for the customers when searching for your business. Mrkt360 can help you with your local listings management Toronto needs.

What We Offer

In our toronto seo expert local listing packages, we offer 50 different directories of which we will verify for you and ensure that we deliver an accurate set of local citations on each. We will start off by updating all of your accurate business information on your local listing to make sure that your audiences get the correct information when searching for you. Then, we will check for duplicate listings and take care of any misleading information that occurs on your local listing to avoid any confusion and low ranking from your customers. Moreover, we will submit your business’ information on the most important platforms, such as Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. Last but not least, we will strive to rank your SEO higher. Trust the best seo company Toronto has to offer. We will help ensure that your listing is fully compatible with future search engine optimization efforts, and that you gain the best local listing management Toronto has to offer.