Video Views

The core of this objective is to get the most video plays and engagement out of your videos as possible.

Using tools like demographic, geographic, and interest targeting will help you when you are trying to get your video to those most likely to engage with your brand.

Did you know that there are two ways that a viewer can interact with your videos?

2-Second Continuous Video Plays and ThruPlay are the two ways a customer or viewer can engage with your video.

2-second continuous video is the number of times someone played your video for two continuous seconds or more. ThruPlay allows advertisers to optimize and choose to pay only for ads that are played to completion for videos shorter than 15 seconds.

These two formats are available on all of Facebook's platforms in either single video, slideshow or instant experience format.

If you are looking to increase your video views through ads, contact Mrkt360 and be ready to take your view count to the next level!