Snapchat Advertisements

What You Need To Know About Snap Ads

Snapchat is emerging as the top player in advertising. The highly interactive program speaks directly to Generation Z and Millennial consumers achieving awareness, consideration and conversions for brands. Mrkt360 renowned digital marketing agency understands the landscape of this format, and is passionate about creating memorable content for the world in under 10 seconds.

A Snap Ad is a full screen mobile ad that can be used for all business objectives - from awareness to purchase. A significant benefit to this format is that they are fullscreen, and therefore never compete for a viewer’s attention with other content or Ads.

Snap Ads offers dynamic ads touching on sight, sound and motion - delivered to mobile. They begin with 10-second vertical video - and then offer the option to add an interactive element. Like many other forms of advertising, Snap Ads have their own specifications and guidelines. Examples of acceptable creatives can range from live, motion graphic, slideshow, gif, still-image and more. To prevent overlap between elements Snapchat suggests placing logos at the top or bottom of the screen, and the call-to-action applied to the bottom centre of the creative.

Types of Snap Ads can include Filters, Lenses, Story Ads, Product Ads. They offer a range of objectives from awareness to purchase. Call-to-actions can be placed within Snap Ads - driving traffic to websites and landing pages.

Your Objectives for Snapchat Advertisement

There are three categories of objectives for Snap Ads. The first being Awareness, this can be done through branding - and it created to create buzz around your product or service. The next being Consideration. Consideration is a more involved avenue - that encourages further interest from consumers. This objective can be tracked via app installs, app traffic, website traffic, engagement, video views and lead generation. Conversions is the final piece - and potentially the most important. At the end of the day, all advertising efforts are trying to drive sales. Conversions can be achieved through app conversions, website conversions and catalog sales.

Snapchat Ad formats

Snap Ads can appear in a variety of formats, all strategically placed to fit with the consumer behaviour and usability of the app.

Snap Ads: drive users to your website, app, video - all in one single swipe. These ads are placed between stories that the user is viewing.

Collection Ads: Showcase a series of products and give users a tappable, intuitive way to shop and buy.

Story Ads: Draw users into a series of snaps with a sponsored discover title that lives alongside popular content tailored to their user profile and preferences.

AR Lenses: Give users an augmented reality experience through interactive moments in the app and between conversions with users.

Filters: Integrate into users conversations with creative overlays that they can add to photo and video messages.

Commercials: Build awareness with a six second, non-skippable video within Snapchat premium content.

How Do They Perform?

Snapchat Ads perform competitively against other Demand Side Platforms, offering advertisers targeting and measurement methods for their ads. Targeting allows you to reach the most relevant users for your products and goals. You can target based on interests & behaviours, demographics, location, custom audiences and lookalikes. Snapchat Ads Managers provide real time reporting so you can test, learn and optimize your ads to reach your goals efficiently and effectively.

Snapchat Best Practic

Following the same recipe as Native Advertising, you want to be creating content and not advertisements. Your ad should be bold, simple and keep things “real”. You have a small window of time to make an impact - and you must capitalize on every aspect of your creative. Your logo should be shown within 2 seconds of the ad, but don’t open with one. Attachments and incentives are a great way to drive conversions and deepen engagement with users.

How Mrkt360 Can Help?

Mrkt360, a top social media management company in Toronto has the experience and expertise to assist our clients, irrespective of their industry. We have a team of skilled and qualified professionals who can help a business to improve its brand visibility, customer engagement, revenues as well as conversions. Our creative marketers know how to create innovative Snapchat Ads for different types of businesses according to their objectives and requirements.

Since more and more brands are promoting their business on Snapchat, carving a unique position in the industry is quite difficult. Mrkt360 helps you create amazing and competitive Snapchat Ads that will grow and nurture your audience. We provide a wide range of Snapchat advertising services to our clients. We know how to efficiently and effectively use the platform to obtain optimum output for your business. We always stick to the latest industry trends as well as quality standards to deliver the best possible results. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements.