Bing Advertising

Why Bing ?

Apart from the conventional Google Channels, it is becoming more and more important to form a well-rounded online presence in order to catch the different audiences that browse the web. Though Google does see the most traffic, it is vital to consider the additional avenues for advertising as they can increase impressions, clicks and conversions from your digital marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads, is a platform worth considering for promoting your business online as it still targets the second-most used search engine, Bing. Convenient, less competitive and more diverse in its audiences, Bing has a growing market share that’s often underestimated by advertisers. In the United States for example, 33% of online searches are done through Bing, comprising 6.2 billion searches a month. Microsoft Advertising is not limited to the Bing Search Engine, including Yahoo and AOL, but serves search and display ads on a variety of web publishers.

Here at Mrkt360 we believe in finding the best advertising solutions for you, therefore we strongly recommend advertising on Bing. Allocating a portion of your budget to Bing will allow you to strategize for the future by making cost effective advertising choices. Mrkt360 is constantly looking ahead to provide our clients with the best online marketing platforms, and we now include the Bing platform as part of our digital marketing packages.

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Why Invest in Bing Ads Services with Mrkt360

Bing is Simple!

Getting started with Bing is simple! All it takes is signing up to Bing Ads, choosing your best campaigns from Google Ads and importing them to the Bing Ads platform. However, since this is a different platform, it is important to have a certified Bing specialist to look over the campaigns to guarantee that all the settings and targeting are imported properly. You will be assigned a Mrkt360 Account Manager who will strategize with you to identify your goals and obtain them through Bing.

Bing is Cheaper

Advertising on Bing is cheaper than Google. With the rising competition on the Google search results page, and the very high cost-per-click for almost all industries, advertising on Bing can provide results without draining your budget. With its high conversion rate and low costs, your Bing campaigns can result in good conversions with a high return on investment without compromising your goals.

Bing Showcases Your Ad to Different Demographics

Catering to a segment of audiences that does not necessarily use Google and its partner websites, Bing Ads promotes your business on a separate set of placements to increase the reach of your campaigns. Moreover, Bing is a comprehensive platform that can enhance your marketing goals by serving your ads to generally more mature, better established audiences. This increases your ads’ click-through-rate and results in higher return-on-investment.

Bing Conversion Tags

Bing allows you to measure your campaigns’ performance to make sure you are reaching your goals within your desired budget. Here at Mrkt360 we make sure that all the conversion tags and analytics are implemented in order to be able to optimize the account’s performance to meet your goals. Moreover, we implement our Artificial Intelligence experience to automate the campaigns for the best possible conversion goals.