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Social Media Setup: Let’s Get Started with Social Media Management Services

Facebook Page Setup

With so much of our world online - having a presence on Facebook is a way to create a digital storefront for the 2 billion people using the platform. Mrkt360 will manage your Facebook presence - understanding how your online brand is key to growing your audience and driving loyal customers. We understand how to stand-out and use marketing budgets strategically and resourcefully - in order to deliver the results you are after. Successfully creating and managing your Facebook page will help you develop your brand, grow your audience and form a community of current and prospective customers.

Twitter Page Setup

Each element of your social media portfolio delivers a specific purpose. Twitter allows for quick, to-the-point communication with your audience. It allows your brand to have a voice, and it now used most importantly as an outlet for customer support. In fact, 85% of Twitter users said it was important that businesses provide customer support via the app.

Instagram Page Setup

Instagram is one of the most powerful forms of media today. Instagram allows you to create a feed of cohesive brand images through the content you create. Your profile can include all traditional information and contact details of your business, and your feed has the objective to inspire, connect and drive sales. You have the ability to provide quick updates via stories, communicate with customers in the messages feature, and re-post customer reviews and shout-outs.

YouTube Page Setup

Video content is growing at an unparalleled rate, attracting both viewers and creators with an unending desire for video content. Mrkt360 will handle to set up of your YouTube account, upload your videos and optimize content. Your YouTube channel is a way to create a dynamic representation of your brand - building beyond the product or service you are selling - and bringing your brand to life.

Linkedin Page Setup

Your online presence is not complete without LinkedIn. For the benefit of your current employees, and prospective team members - having a LinkedIn business page provides a professional landing page to share content, and engage with potential collaborators. To engage on LinkedIn as an organization - you must have your own LinkedIn page - Mrkt360 will create and optimize your page to make sure you are reaping all the benefits of this platform.

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