Are you tired of bots and scammers clicking on your ads and burning your budget?

Would you like to be sure that the people clicking on your ads are human?

What is Click Cease?

With ClickCease, you will be able to prevent click and ad fraud on Google and Facebook. A lot of online marketers have been using ClickCease as a way to block invalid traffic, save money, and improve their performance massively as a result.

Block Bad Traffic

Its real-time monitoring platform can detect and prevent click fraud, adware, and other malicious activities. You can ensure that only real humans click on your ads using advanced algorithms and tracking methods.

Block all unwanted traffic:

  • Competitors
  • Bots
  • Brand haters
  • Click farms
  • Accidental clicks

Perfect For

Digital Marketers

Who have seen budgets burn away thanks to fraudulent click farms and bots.

Budding Entrepreneurs

Who are wondering why their ad funds get expended, but their performance doesn’t improve.

Marketing Agencies

Make your clients save money and improve their performance in one go.

Where Do I Start?

ClickCease includes a free trial that you can access immediately. You can set everything up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up with just a few details.
  2. Connect to a platform of your choice (Facebook or Google ads account).
  3. You did it! You’re safe now.

You should consider this service if you’re a digital marketer, a business or an agency with clients whose budgets and performance are obliterated by fraudulent clicks or bots.

In case you suspect you have been a victim of click fraud and would like more information, we can assist you. You can also request a complimentary Google ad audit to see if this service would benefit you.

Stop worrying about click and ad fraud, and sign up for ClickCease today!