YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing For Small Businesses

By adopting YouTube Ads into your marketing strategies, not only are you increasing your audience, you are taking advantage of recent digital consumer trends to create favourable outcomes. To businesses and brands, results are what matter most. Here at MRKT360, we can help you build an engaging and effective YouTube Ads campaign. Whether your goal is increasing your sales, leads, website traffic, product or brand consideration, our experts are ready to assist you. Contact us now to start implementing YouTube Ads and prepare to take control of your consumer engagement in an ever-expanding media landscape!

YouTube is a great way for small businesses to get noticed and connect with customers using compelling videos. As the world’s largest video network and the second largest search engine behind Google, many small businesses have taken advantage of this and reached a vast amount of interested potential customers. In fact, the number of small and medium sized businesses that have advertised on YouTube has increased twofold over the past two years. With 1.9 billion people visiting YouTube monthly, and 400 hours of content being uploaded every minute, there is no wonder that small businesses have been developing their brand through video content.

You may have noticed that many companies have moved from traditional television advertisements to YouTube. This is because the ROI is much higher for YouTube videos. Businesses are able to accurately target specific people, and only pay if the viewer watches the entire advertisement. Additionally, if a viewer skips your YouTube advertisement before it manages to finish, you do not have to pay. Although some viewers may choose to skip your ad, you can still potentially make an impact without spending any money, as the first five seconds before they skip your ad can still make an impact. A Vaughan internet marketing agency like Mrkt360 can help you build a video advertisement that can help make an impression and build your brand within five seconds.

There are the common misconceptions that people only go on YouTube to watch viral videos and that the only people that really go on the platform are millennials. However, 68% of YouTube users have said that YouTube has helped them make a purchasing decision. Also, amongst the top content categories watched by YouTube users, “how to” videos are the fourth most popular. Additionally, the time spent watching YouTube videos almost tripled amongst adults ages 55 and up from 2015 to 2016 alone. According to comScore, YouTube has been able to reach 95% of the online adult population of 35 and older in a month. YouTube is the perfect place for people of all ages to find inspiration for things that affect their everyday lives. This is an amazing opportunity for small businesses to advertise their products and services, in accordance to what content interested people would be watching.

Targeted Ads

YouTube has a wide variety of targeting methods available, such as demographics, interests, placements, and remarketing lists. You have the ability to reach specific or niche audiences no matter who they are, what they are interested in, and what content they watch. Demographic groups allow you to target according to age, gender, parental status, or household income. You can reach people based on their interest using four different features: an affinity audience helps you reach people who have a strong interest in relevant topics, custom affinity audiences that allow people who are even more tailored to your brand see your ad, life events that help reach people at certain milestones of their life like moving out or getting married, and in-market audiences that help you reach customers that are actively researching for products and services similar to yours. You can also have your video ad display within websites, and target according to certain topics and keywords.

Types Of YouTube Ads

YouTube ads come in a variety of forms. TrueView in-stream ads allows your video ad to play before, during, or after other videos. The viewer will have the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds, and you will only be charged if the viewer watches 30 seconds of your ad or interacts with your video. This ad type is great for generating leads, website traffic, brand awareness, and product and brand consideration. TrueView video discovery ads appear on YouTube search results, alongside related videos, or on the mobile homepage. This type of ad is ideal for product and brand consideration. Bumper ads are 6 second ads that show before, during, or after another video. The viewer cannot skip your ad. Lastly, outstream ads are only available on mobile and tablets, and allows your video to play on partner websites and in apps. The last two ad types are great for brand awareness and reach.

How To Get Started

First, you want to do research about your customers to help you understand what they care about, and find out what your competitors are currently doing as well. As a social media marketing agency Toronto, we have the tools, resources and network to do the proper research. Then, you want to define the objective of your video, whether it is to build awareness of your brand or offering, influence consideration of purchase, drive sales, or grow loyalty for your brand. Next, you need to understand your customers needs and how you will tend to those needs. This includes giving them information on certain topics, developing connections by making a shareable video, or entertaining people so that they feel inspired or less bored when they watch your video. Lastly, you need to understand what resources you need in order to create your video. As a social media management Toronto expert, Mrkt360 can help you develop a YouTube marketing plan.

Cost Of YouTube Ads

The great thing about YouTube advertising is that you get to choose the budget that works for you. Most businesses start off with a budget of $10 a day, but a Toronto seo expert can help you determine the most efficient budget for your industry and location. With YouTube ads, you can make adjustments to your budget at any time, so you will always be in control of how much you are paying. Additionally, you will be getting a great ROI, because you will only be charged when people actually watch your ad. For example, for TrueView ads the viewer will have to watch an entire 30 seconds of your ad or engage with it before you have to pay. Creating the video itself can cost as little as hundreds of dollars. With Mrkt360, digital marketing agency Toronto, we do not need you to have a huge budget to make you a video that takes seconds to make a lasting impression.