Facebook is the largest social media hub around, and we learned that Facebook ads generate many great conversions for our clients.

Allow our All-Star Team of experts to manage and design your Facebook campaigns!

Facebook ads allow you to target your audience by location, interests and much more.

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Facebook Local Awareness ads

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How to Create Local Facebook Ads

In order to target local audiences in your area, we recommend you to use Facebook local awareness ads.

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Facebook Ad Campaign Structure

Check the following video to learn how to setup your Facebook campaign:

How Facebook Ad Billing Works

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How Much Will Facebook Ads cost?

Our All Star team of experts can design your Facebook ads for only $300 monthly as management fees, the rest will be used as budget to allocate to your campaigns.

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Facebook Conversion Tracking

You can also track your Facebook conversion by installing Facebook Conversion Tracking on your ads.

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Facebook Pages

Facebook pages will allow you to connect with people who have an interest in your business.

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Facebook Re-targeting – Engaging Custom Audiences from Your website

Facebook Custom Audiences will re-target the audience who visited your site, greatly enhancing conversion rates for your ads!

You can also target “look alike audiences”, who are people similar to your client.

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Facebook Ad Targeting

With Facebook ad Targeting, you can target the right audience for your business. It’s a different targeting platform available with various search engines.

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How to Create Your Facebook Business Page

It is free and recommended to setup your Facebook Business Page. Should you require assistance, our team of all-star experts will help you set up your page.

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How to Create a Facebook Post for Your Business

Posting on your Facebook Business Page is free and an important tool to use! It shows potential customers that your business is live and active.

It is part of the Social Media SEO practice that our team of all-star experts can help you with.

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How to Use Videos on Your Facebook Posts

Using videos will allow you to engage your clients better!

You can use it with Facebook Paid Advertisement, and usually these videos get better engagement.

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Boosting a Post on Facebook

We recommend to boost a post that you have shared from your blog page (in order not to get duplicate content), that will help your SEO efforts.

You can learn more about it by viewing the following video:

Facebook Ads Bidding System

In Facebook, you are bidding for your audience. The wider selection will allow you to lower your cost per bid.

Since Facebook ads are not as popular as other media yet, competition is still low, with lower costs than other advertising platforms.

To learn more about it you can visit the following video:

Facebook Ads Manager

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can monitor and manage your ads.

To learn more about it we recommend you to view the following video:

Facebook Custom Audience Ad

With Facebook Custom Audience Ads, you can target people that you already know on Facebook.

You can upload your customer list with CSV file to your account, and start targeting them. It’s similar to e-mail marketing, but with a much stronger approach.

You can learn about it on the following video:

Promoting your Page on Facebook

This will allow you to get likes and a new targeted audience for your business.

You can learn more about it on the following video:-

Facebook Conversion Tracking Ads

These ads will allow you to track your leads and conversions from your website.

To learn more we recommend you to view the following video:

How to Boost a Post with Facebook Pages Manager

This video will explain how to boost a Facebook post with Facebook Pages Manager:

Facebook Manager App

The Facebook Manager App allows you to manage your campaigns directly from your smart phone.

This video explains how to manage your Facebook ads directly from your phone:

For any questions, feel free to contact Mrkt360, the best Toronto based Facebook marketing agency, for an immediate response.

Expand your business using Facebook ads


Mrkt360, a leading Facebook advertising agency in Toronto,that specializes in Facebook Ads Management. We help our clients generate more leads, customers, apps downloads and sales. In the past week, we officially became partners with Facebook, which means that we now have access to the latest betas and solutions that will help us serve our clients better. Facebook gives us the opportunity to reach to the 18 million users of the platform in Canada with a consistent level of accuracy under any size of the budget. With Facebook ads, businesses can choose the type of people they want to reach and deliver their ads to them right away. We ensure that your ads are delivered to the right and most relevant audience to provide optimal results. Why do you need to use Facebook?

➤   Over 1 billion users are served worldwide!

So, Facebook is a big deal. Its vast user base means that you can leverage Facebook advertising services to initiate interest in your products and services to the wide range of active users on the platform.

➤   Advanced Targeting System

On Facebook, you can narrow your ads down to a single user. The new targeting system provides advertisers to get in front of specific, and often motivated segments of your audience. This targeting features are not available on Google or other advertising mediums.

➤   Mobile Marketing Silver Bullet

With the growing increase of mobile app users, tailoring your ads to reach these audiences has become a necessity. Facebook is the best platform to execute this action since most people stay connected with their loved ones through the platform. They are more likely to take action when they come across your ads on their news feed because of the amount of time they spend online.

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