The Reach objective focuses on increasing the number of people that see your ads and how frequently they see them.

While it contrasts the Brand Awareness approach and gives you leads with less chance of resonating with your audience, it makes up for the sheer number of people this campaign objective can target.

By maximizing your impressions, you can build brand awareness, change people’s perception of your brand and show your ad to as many people as possible.

You can even set the frequency of how many times an individual will see your ad and target them by location to reach the ones closest to you, giving you full control over your ad views.

A Reach campaign will target as many people as possible, maximizing your impressions and allowing you to grow your presence online. Keep in mind that the reach objective measures reach and frequency. Use the results to understand how many people viewed your ads and how often, and how much it costs to show ads to your audiences.

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