Mobile Call only

There are instances when people sometimes are looking to acquire certain services to solve individual problems but aren't near a computer or want an immediate response from the business they are trying to get in touch with.

People now have their mobile phones and can use them to find and contact a business when they need help. So it’s in your best interest to make it easy for them to get in touch with you first and not with one of your competitors.

This is why using Google´s call-only ads can be beneficial for your business. You get to interact with your customers directly, establish rapport and long-term relationships built on confidence and trust with the push of a button.

What are call-only ads?

Call-only ads appear on Google for mobile phones only that don´t provide a URL but instead provide a call button with your business phone number so potential customers can immediately reach your business quickly. Like regular text ads, the only time you’ll be charged for these ads is when someone clicks on them. With call-only ads, that means you’ll only get charged when someone makes a call.

Benefits of call-only ads campaigns

Increase conversions: Call-only ads can help you increase your conversions since the potential customers who are calling you through these ads are interested in your business. You can apply more personalized treatment to help improve the chances of conversion.

Enhanced content placement: With call-only ads, your business’s phone number is always at the top with the word “call” with large font size and coloured text. Thanks to the ads’ arrangement, it increases the possibility of receiving a potential customer call.

It is cost-effective: Compared to other PPC ads, call-only campaign ads are significantly more affordable, making them more convenient for your business to attract customers.

Here at Mrkt360, we have years of experience managing all kinds of google ads for our customers, making sure always to use our marketing industry experience to help their businesses grow and achieve their individual goals.

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