Google Penalty Removal

Over 95% Penalty Removal Success Rate

If your website has experienced an unusually large drop in traffic, it may be caused by a Google penalty. A Google penalty has a negative effect on a website's ranking. The penalty can be present on a couple of pages on the website, or all of the pages. It can be caused by many different reasons such as a change in Google’s search algorithms, participating in unethical black-hat SEO techniques, and even providing a poor experience to people visiting your website.

There are usually two different ways in which your website may be penalized. Firstly, it may be flagged manually by a specialist at Google who determined that your website breaches one or more of their guidelines. The second, and most common penalty is caused by algorithm changes by Google.

The Google penalty removal service provided by Mrkt360 gives customers an in-depth examination of their site to identify problem areas in which their website fails to meet Google's best practices. Our team of SEO experts offers detailed insights on where actions are required in order to overcome further drops in rankings. Our penalty recovery service has been designed to discover all Google penalty problems that may be related to Google’s Panda or Penguin algorithm. This further allows us to offer actionable task procedures and lists for correcting the problems relating to that particular website so you do not lose valuable time or money for your business.

Our clients can choose two different roadmaps; they can quickly learn from these factors and simultaneously get a suitable roadmap for repair, or simply trust Mrkt360’s expertise to take care of removing the penalty. We generally conduct a Google penalty removal only after the recovery roadmap has been approved by the customer. This means the implementation of the recovery procedure is solely under the discretion of the client. At the same time, we also offer a routine assessment report relating to our Google Penalty Removal Services. For best results, some time is needed to apply the recovery service in the most effective manner.

The Two Types of Google Penalties

Google administers two types of penalties: manual penalties and algorithm changes. If your website receives a manual penalty, the owner of the website will be notified via Google Webmaster Tools. They will receive a letter that explains the reasons for the failure. Thus, the website owner will have an idea of what they can change on their website in order to recover and get rid of the penalty. However, if you are penalized due to an algorithm change, this is slightly more difficult. In this case, you need to find a correlation between Google’s most current update and the losses on your website. As Google has constantly been making updates to their algorithm for the last 15 years, finding the root of the problem can be very confusing and complicated. Luckily, Mrkt360 has the proper tools and resources needed for you to make a quick recovery.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Why Was I Penalized?

If you have recently experienced a decline in rankings, and are unsure of the cause, you may be affected by a Google Penalty. There are multiple reasons why your website may have been penalized. One of the major reasons why websites receive Google penalties is their backlink profile. Too many low-quality backlinks can be a potential threat, costing you your rankings on Google. These are links that have low domain authority, little or no content, or their own poor backlink profile. Google puts more weight on the quality of backlinks versus the quantity. Another common reason is duplicate content, as repeating the same information in your content dilutes its quality. It is also common for competitor sites to create comment spam links to a rival site to diminish their rankings on search engines. Other common reasons include unrelated links to your website, links from link farms, hidden links, and purchased links.

Our Google Penalty Audits

Mrkt360 has the tools, resources and experience to provide intensive Google Penalty Audits to check and remove any manual or algorithmic penalties. We will conduct a deep analysis of the website and uncover any issues which may include over optimization, comprehensive plagiarism, duplicate content, unnatural/inorganic links, black hat SEO techniques and more. We will also conduct a spam audit according to Google’s on page guidelines for violation testing. This includes a thorough analysis to uncover any kind of on-page spam violations such as hidden links, hidden text, and cloaking. Our Google Penalty Audits are all completed in-house and are based on thorough research performed by our team. Rest assured, you can rely on us to find the reason why you have received the penalty. We will also provide you with step by step instructions on how the problem can be fixed and you can improve your search ranking.

Do You Guarantee Penalty Removal?

At Mrkt360, we strive to be transparent and trustworthy with all our services offered, and guaranteeing penalty removal is no acception. Like many other search engine optimization services, we unfortunately cannot guarantee results. This is because we are working with confidential algorithms and processes owned exclusively by Google and other search engines, that no one in the public actually has access to. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee a Google penalty removal, and being offered a money-back guarantee elsewhere is a red flag! Luckily, Mrkt360 relies on their experience and great track record with penalty removals. We have been able to lift over 500 sites over the years, with a success rate of over 95%. We are determined to help businesses continue growing and offering their products and services worldwide. With Mrkt360, you are sure to be in good hands!

Can I Recover My Rankings?

Whether your website can recover to its original ranking is determined by why you received a Google penalty in the first place. If your website was essentially built by spam links, then it is highly unlikely that you can reclaim your search ranking. However, if your website deserves to be ranked on the search engine after fixing some common, excusable issues, your ranking can be easily recovered. In fact, we have found that many clients actually rank better than they did before the penalty took place. This is because we often uncover many “invisible issues” related to Google Penguin that were initially holding the website down algorithmically. Therefore, in addition to having your penalty removed, the audit process can uncover some common issues that are keeping your website from being ranked higher, prior to the release of the algorithm change.