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As a leading online marketing agency in Toronto, our aim is to help businesses in and around the city build and develop their brands digitally. We understand that the key to achieving this is to turn every interaction into a personal connection. The businesses are already putting in all the work and doing all the right things- they know that they are a leader in their field. Our job is to make sure that consumers know that too, which is why all our digital marketing tools and strategies are designed with that goal in mind.

As a business, it is important to plan and prepare for the future. However, it is even more important to ensure that you are doing well right now. We know that sometimes you just want to get your message out there in the shortest time possible, and received by the largest audience possible. Maybe you are planning to launch a new product into the market? Perhaps you want to boost the sales of some items that have not been doing so well? Or sales are possibly lower than expected and you need a major traffic boost to your website, in order to improve your sales figures right way? Well, these are just some situations where MRKT360 can help you out. As a top online marketing agency in Toronto, we have the experience and skills needed to deliver the best results on short term campaigns.

A business is only as good as its reputation, and one of the key elements in building this is consistency. However, in order for consumers to have an impression on your business, they have to be able to ‘see’ your business in the first place. As the leading SEO Toronto company, getting businesses to the top of search results is our forte. If you want to get top rankings on Google, it makes perfect sense to go to someone who knows and works with Google, right? We do not just offer the kind of regular SEO services in Toronto- MRKT360 is a Google Partner Company meaning that we have access to Google experts and we work with them on a regular basis to develop strategies that actually work and can be customized to any business regardless of its size or budget.

How We Work

  • Preparation -
    Perform website analysis and competition research.
    Examine technical issues, analytics and conversion rate.
    Set up goals according to business objectives. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization & SEM -
    Perform an in-depth A/B testing to find the most suitable layout and copy.
    Optimization for the right set of keywords.
    Ensure your CTA buttons are converting. 
    Create landing pages to establish your credibility.
    Develop a personalized online marketing strategy.
  • Onsite SEO & Content-
    Analysis of the existing web pages.
    Update website architecture and create sitemaps.
    Optimize meta tags and start cross-linking.
    Set up Google Analytics and other tracking accounts.
    Create and implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy.
  • Ongoing Support & Consulting -
    We will provide a dedicated account manager for flawless communication. 
    Project monitoring, analysis and performance evaluation & discussions.
    Analytics data review and performance evaluation.
    Discussion on the performance enhancing strategies. 
    Continuous strategy building & brainstorming.

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