Store Traffic

The Store Traffic objective permits ad campaigns to boost sales towards your physical stores (the Reach advertising objective is a lot more effective when you have only one store).

Even if you have multiple locations spread out, this campaign objective can help you increase traffic to all of them.

You can customize your ads to pull local information for each of your stores, use a locator map and call-to-action prompts like “Get Directions,” and deliver ads to people within the radius of your store. You can encourage people near your stores to visit them.

Say you are the owner of 5 hardware stores in different cities. With this objective, you can create ads with relevant content for the stores you want to promote. You can use location targeting to set the radius around your different locations, defining the geographical range to target people within a predetermined distance from your store.

If you want to start a traffic Facebook Ads campaign but are unsure how to proceed or how to make it as effective as possible, contact Mrkt360 today! We will be more than happy to help you create the best traffic campaign to drive people to your stores.