Google Analytics – Measure Your Traffic

Google Analytics will help you understand how visitors interact with your website.

It is important the Google analytics will be installed on your website, or you won't be able to utilize the service.

Our technicians are Google Analytics certified, and can help you understand the reports. Our Adwords account managers will use this information to improve your ads and conversions, and if needed, they will recommend design changes on your website to improve user experience, which will lead to better conversions.

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google, but requires some knowledge about coding in order to install it. Most customers don’t have that knowledge, and that's where our team can assist with the installation.

Google Analytics helps you to define your goals, and tracks how many visits that translate into conversions.

Mobile Tracking – Google Analytics tracks mobile websites, mobile apps and web enabled mobile devices.

E-commerce tracking – if your website sells products online, Google Analytics can track sales activities and performance.

when we manage an e-commerce campaign, the information helps us to optimize your campaign, which will lead to more conversions.

for more information you can visit the following video:-