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What is Social Media Management Marketing?

People go on social media everyday to socialize, get their daily news, learn about current events, look at product and service reviews, and shop, making it one of the most powerful marketing tools. Every business, small or large should be seizing this opportunity and conveying their marketing messages through these platforms, in order to catch the attention of their target customers. These avenues can be used to communicate with target audiences in real time, brand a business, and increase overall profits.

Mrkt360 offers social media management services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. With over 2 million monthly active users, Facebook boasts a diverse background of users with many different age groups. It is a great place for businesses that want to reach a wide audience. Instagram is perfect for brands that have a lot of visual content. It is great for companies with a younger female base that are interested in topics such as fashion, lifestyle, art or other visually-focused industries. Twitter is platform where users look at news and trends, so it is ideal for a brand that wants to join any conversations about trending topics relevant to their industry. Lastly, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and allows you to upload video content and connect with potential customers.

Many companies choose to run their social media platforms themselves, and eventually run into problems with developing and maintaining each of their channels. This is because employees often have additional responsibilities on top of managing the social media channels, so it is often pushed to the end of their to-do list. This creates inconsistency, decreased results, and missed opportunities for the brand. Hiring a designated employee or intern to handle your social media is also an option, however this can require a lot of training, time, and guidance, as well as dealing with employee turnover. With proper communication with a digital marketing agency like Mrkt360, they can develop thorough knowledge about your business, create results-focused solutions, and use their experience, resources, and tools for contribute to your social media marketing goals.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

No matter the industry or segment, a substantial portion of a business’ user base and leads are on social media. It is especially great for boosting website traffic, particularly for new content. Whereas it may take months for a user to google your business and find new content, social media can help generate quicker traction. As a result, it will also boost your SEO, since there will be more people discovering your optimized pages. Social media is also a great way for businesses to authentically engage with customers. The channels allow businesses to connect with their customers by helping them, responding to their questions, entertaining them, and informing them with content that is interesting to them. It is a great way for brands to form bonds with their customers over shared interests. Quick responses on social media will also keep your customers happy and keep the public image of your brand positive.

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Social Media Marketing Goals

There are 3 main social media marketing goals: developing brand awareness, building relationships, and website exposure. Brand awareness involves increasing the amount of social media followers with relevant people. These are people with the same demographics, behaviours, and interests as your typical customers. Your followers will be able to increase word of mouth marketing and referrals. Building relationships involves engaging with your customers via likes and comments on social media posts. This helps to build a strong connection with the audience, making them more likely to purchase from you. Website exposure involves driving traffic to your optimized pages, in order to influence sales and leads. This involves creating social media campaigns that will drive high volumes of traffic to your website, and increasing conversions by retargeted those who have already visited your website. Mrkt360, social media management Toronto expert, can help you choose the most relevant social media goals for your brand.

Why Choose Mrkt360?

Mrkt360, a social media marketing agency Toronto offers customized solutions. Our social media management Toronto services do not just involve creating and posting written and visual content- everything we do is part of an overall strategy. Firstly, we do a detailed audit of your brand and research your industry in order to understand what the right social platforms are for your business. Then, we assign a team member to manage your online interactions and content across your social media channels. We ensure to engage with your audience and respond to them within 24 hours, and are constantly looking for new opportunities to increase your brands reach and visibility. We also track the performance of your accounts over time and see what works for your unique marketing goals. With high quality personnel, access to advanced tools and resources, and decades of knowledge, you can trust us with your social media marketing.

Working with a Mrkt360 Social Media Manager

As a digital marketing agency Toronto, an experienced and knowledgeable social media manager will be assigned to your account. They will work with you to learn about the nature of your business and understand your brand. They will also perform research about your industry and the locations you are targeting, including competitive analyses and who your buyers are. They will be your primary contact and work with you to develop and execute an in-depth strategy. The social media manager will create content that aligns with your brand and monitor social media activity via comments, messages and reviews, and respond within 24 hours. They will also use organic tactics such as hashtags, followings, and contests in order to further grow your channels and attract the right people to your channels. Your social media manager will update you with monthly reports in order to show you how your social media platforms are doing.