Target users across the web who previously visited your web site!


Target users across the web who previously visited your web site!


Boost sales and increase brand awareness for less!

  • Remarketing is a powerful technique that leverages your pre-existing audience assets.
  • Leaving remarketing out of your campaign plan is like leaving low hanging fruit on the tree.
  • It’s targeted, ROI-driven, and customizable from creative, targeting and pricing perspectives.
  • Remarketing is getting that second chance to reach your potential customers that visited your website but never converted into buying customers.


It is possible to show your ads (image banners or text-based ads) across a network of sites to someone who has previously visited your website. This powerful capability allows you multiple opportunities to reach and follow up with consumers who:

  • Did not convert
  • Converted
  • Signed up for a newsletter or filled out a contact form
  • Abandoned a shopping cart
  • Visited particular page or selected category on your website.


Users see your ads all over the web. That means very cost-effective branding! Imagine this: you can follow them around the web with image-based banners with your domain name and your phone number, forcing them to remember your site name – or call you for new order or free consultation. There are many ways of using remarketing to reach consumers across the content network that have a higher value to you than the average user.

In the simplest terms, retargeting means putting messages in front of lost prospects who’ve left your Web site in order to attract them back and convert – finish the purchase, sign up for the service, or any other action you’re looking for.

Remarketing Reaches Your Most Valuable Lost Prospects

We know that, on average, 80% of the traffic that visits your site will bounce off without converting. But don’t blame your advertising or placement – those aren’t the problem. Instead, we’d like to help you add dynamic remarketing solutions to support your killer creative. We’ll step in as your remarketing partner and make sure that the coveted group of prospects who have already taken the first step – showing interest in your products – will return and convert.

How do we achieve it?

When prospects leave your site and browse the Internet, your ads will display on other sites they visit, keeping your website in their peripheral vision and top of mind. Those ads can display the exact product they viewed while on your site, or multiple products, or anything else you choose. It’s up to you.

With these gentle ad reminders, the lost prospect will return to your site and convert – often at a higher rate, and many times with an increased average order value.

Remarketing, by nature, is complicated and difficult for to manage; yet it’s one of the most effective forms of online advertising available. Real-life example: a customer of Mrkt360 was able to get leads 125% cheaper than from straight-up PPC/Content Network advertising in the insurance industry.

Achieve Great Success with our SEO Services in Canada from Mrkt360!

Our Remarketing solution is easy to implement, and the results are rivaled only by that of paid search. Working with us means you no longer have to work with numerous networks, manage countless media buys, and then decipher multiple reports to evaluate campaign success.

Just a small list of web sites where your ads may appear:

  • HealthCentral
  • healthcentral
  • YouTube
  • HealthLine
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Barron’s
  • Market Watch
  • Nasdaq
  • A&E
  • National Enquirer
  • Rolling Stone
  • Epicurious
  • Food network