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Mrkt360 is an award winning Google advertising professional company that has assisted many companies in creating money-making online marketing campaigns.

We’re also featured in the Google Partner Program that took place in Canada. Mrkt360 also understands the need of all the local businesses that run on online marketing campaigns.

For this purpose, we have gained clear understanding about the keywords that needs to be targeted (or avoided) along with the fundamentals like location targeting and conversion tracking that are necessary to obtain success from any of the paid search campaigns.

At Mrkt360, we always work with the best Google account representatives to create incredible advertising campaigns!

Not only that, our Google representatives help us in managing Google Adwords for various Pay-Per-Click (PPC) clients every month.

We have the necessary skills, relationships and experience to create campaigns that run efficiently and quickly, allowing you to have as many conversions as early as possible.

It is our prime motto to help companies of all sizes in Canada to make large numbers of conversions in terms of sales by running profitable online marketing campaigns.

At Mrkt360 – The best adwords management agency in Toronto, we believe that a well planned and executed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign based on Google Adwords in Canada can increase your website traffic, which will further help in acquiring new customers for your company.

However, without doing careful planning, a PPC campaign can also waste hundreds of dollars as it can lead to unworthy clicks based on low ranking keywords. Don’t spend unnecessary money that won’t work for your company!

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Get the BEST advice on Google Adwords in Canada from Mrkt360!

Before carrying out any campaign, PPC experts in Mrkt360 Creative Departments will understand the nature of your business and find out relevant keywords using research tools along with Google Adwords to discover the mentioned metrics for offering necessary recommendations:-

  • Geographic suggestions/ targeting
  • Click cost and budget assessment
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Click Through Rate
  • Competition landscape
  • Social annotations
  • Call-out Extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Sitelink extensions
  • Marketing Strategy
  • A/B split testing(Ad Testing)
  • Keyword & Match Type Selection
  • Cost-Per-Click and Conversion Rate
Mrkt360 - Google Adwords Certified Company

We have already served thousands of companies in Canada as we are a certified Google advertising professional company.

If you want to know more about our services relating to Google Adwords in Canada and the USA, please don’t hesitate contacting our customer assistance team via email or phone call! We’re ready to answer your queries 24/7.

We would to be your business partners, and we would like our clients to see us as their marketing Wing, building long term relationships.

We understand that we will be measured by improvements and results.

your Goal will be Our Goal, and your Success is Our Success.

What is Google Adwords?

Adwords is Google’s online advertising platform that drives interested clients to a businesses website. It enables a business to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads posted on Google and its advertising networks. Adwords heavily focuses on keywords that people type when searching, and helps you pick when and where you wish your ads to show. This is benefical for businesses because it allows you to show your ad to the right demographic.

’Google Adwords Management Company & Internet Marketing Agency Vaughan

With Adwords, your business can be shown wherever your potential customers are by targeting them on the go: on their mobile devices, in their cars(Google android for cars), on wearable items such as the Google Watch, Google Glass, and on their TVs.

Allow us to take your online marketing to the next level, and help you to set up your Adwords account!

To learn more about AdWords, watch this video:

Adwords Goals:

Every customer has different goals. Some customers want us to reach the top positions on Google SERPs, and others would like to have the most cost effective positions for their budgets.

Our goal is to suggest to our clients the best strategy that will meet their goals and budget.

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We see ourselves as your partners, and offer you the option of A/B testing to choose the highest converting solution.

While most companies aim to reach the top positions in Google searches, we aim to create out-of-the-box campaigns, which will convert better with lower positions and lower cost per click.

We found that our strategies improve the conversions an average of 170%  MORE than the traditional strategies.

Why is it Important to Advertise Online ?

Everyday, millions of people around the world search the web; to put it simply, the internet is the single largest market place where any business can find clients.

Having a website is not enough; but by advertising your business online, you can bring customers from anywhere, and everywhere in the world that you choose to purchase your products or services. In today’s market, literally every website owner, can generate business online!

Best PPC Management Services

You can generate business online even without having a website! By placing your business on reviews sites, online directories, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, as well as popular shopping sites such as eBay and Amazon (for product).

We would also recommend you to keep a high profile on forums, and where customers can talk about your business.

You can get a better pictures about the importance of online advertising and where is recommended to advertise on the following video:-

Determine a desired CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

Our goal is to decide which Cost per Lead will work for you.

We will set up conversion tracking for your campaigns, and start with conversion optimization when goals are met, to maximize the conversion results. When we achieve your goals, we will suggest if more leads can be obtained within the same goal parameters, if budget is increased.

Our task is to continuously work on the campaigns to achieve the absolute best results for your Adwords campaign.

Conversion Tracking - PPC Management

Improvement of Quality Score – Lowering the Cost per Click (CPC)

Quality Score is a major factor in lowering the Cost per Click.

The formula Google uses to calculate Cost per Click is: Maximum bid x Quality Score = Adrank.

We may suggest changing your landing page, doing onsite SEO to your site, in order for Google to be able to fully read and understand your site.

we may also suggest overhauling the website if we find that user experience is poor, which will affect the quality score.

You can find more information about the quality score calculation, and how Google Adwords auction works in the following video:-


As mentioned earlier, the Google Adwords auction will decide the position of your ad by your Adrank, Here is another video which explain Google AdRanks simply:-

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Budgeting for Your Online Advertising

Deciding your Adwords budget can be very challenging decision!

With Google Adwords you are in control of your budget, and can decide on much you wish to spend on your ad and the daily budget.

But how do you know if the budget that you chose is right for you?

Before you set up your budget, please keep in mind your marketing plan: what do you want to achieve, and how you plan to achieve it.

You need to decide how much a click from a potential customer is worth to you, and how much you are willing to spend per day.

You can then decide about different budgets per click by the value that you are getting from the service. In most businesses, there are different values for products and services.

After your campaign is running, we will be able to see if your cost per click will get you a position which can result in business, and if your daily budget is enough in order to meet your targets.

We will be able to optimize your campaign to your goals and budget from there!

you can learn more about setting up Google Adwords budget on the following video:-

Five Key Ingredients for Successful Adwords Campaigns

In order to implement a successful campaign, it needs to outshine your competition. This will help you achieve better conversions.

In order to build a successful campaign you need to:-

  1. Structure your Adwords account properly.
  2. Choose the right keywords, and remove negative keywords.
  3. Write attention grabbing ads. For example, if you have good Google plus reviews, consider adding them as a feed to your campaign. If you are service provider, try to provide the customers call extensions from your campaign.
  4. Select the right landing pages – sending customers to the best converting pages to the search term, reducing the amount of work that customers need to do in order to find what they are looking for.
  5. Track your customers. We can use it to obtain more of this kind of customers.

How to decide if a Google Adwords Campaign type is Right for you

In order to determine the right campaign type, we need to identify the customers’ needs and goals.

If you are service provider, a search and mobile campaign will be right for you.

For product selling, you can chose variety of campaigns, such as search, display network, dynamic display networks, re-marketing, social, PLA (product listings ads) and video advertising. There are also betas available for budgets exceeding $10,000 per month spent, which will enhance the conversions.

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We understand that every customer has different needs, so allow our team of experts to help you to choose the right campaign!

We recommend not to use the standard options, since the conversions from them is not as high as from properly managed campaigns.

You can find more information on the following video:-

Research which will change Marketers’ Decisions

Google has conducted research with over 5000 participants, investigating the most common marketing theories:-

Stimulus – like developing TV ads for a product

Shelf – Focusing on the point of sell (companies are paying premiums to the groceries stores in order for the product to be on the level of the client’s eyes).

Experience – People take the product home and experience it.

Common marketers think that if they are investing in these 3 steps, they will be successful.

PPC Management Services Toronto

Research shows that these are considered old marketing methods, which doesn’t work as well anymore.

The goal is to find what influencing customers from “Undecided”to “Decided”.

The results are that 84% of the consumers claim that online research helping their decision.

You can learn more on the following video:-

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