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Over the past couple of decades, consumer behaviour has changed drastically and is continuing to change. Whether it is on our mobile device, laptop, or tablet, we no longer go online; we live online. This change in consumer behaviour provides an opportunity for businesses to showcase their offerings online. Gone are the days where we could solely rely on traditional print media, radio ads, and telemarketing. The way in which consumers are searching for products and businesses is now drastically different.

AdWords, an online advertising service created by Google, lets you be seen across the web. It is a powerful platform that allows advertisers to showcase their advertising copy, product listings, video content and more! What’s great about Google AdWords is that you can showcase your ads to the target market that is relevant to you. You can target your ads based on age, gender, location, interest groups, marital status, languages spoken, devices used and more! You don’t have to waste valuable budget on targeting the mass market- only people that are relevant to you and your business.

Mrkt360 is an expert in Google AdWords! We are here to help businesses succeed with online advertising. Whether it is preparing campaigns from scratch, providing guidance on existing campaigns, or conducting an AdWords audit, we are here to help. We are proud to be a part of a small group of agencies who have received the Google Premier Partner status. We have received this recognition by following Google’s advertising best practices, providing extraordinary results for our clients, and managing a higher AdWords investment. Our trusted digital media advisors provide free consultations to discuss your advertising goals.

Our relationship with Google allows us to have access to the latest beta’s, exclusive events, online trainings, and more! Even if you have a Google AdWords Suspension, we will try our best to work things out! We work with the best Google account representatives to create incredible advertising campaigns! Not only that, our Google representatives help us in managing Google AdWords for various Pay-Per-Click (PPC) clients every month. We have the necessary skills, relationships and experience to create campaigns that run efficiently and quickly, allowing our clients to have as many conversions as early as possible.

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Before carrying out any campaign, PPC experts in Mrkt360 Creative Departments will understand the nature of your business and find out relevant keywords using research tools along with Google Adwords to discover the mentioned metrics for offering necessary recommendations:-

    • Geographic suggestions/ targeting

    • Click cost and budget assessment

    • Opportunity assessment

    • Click Through Rate

    • Competition landscape

    • Social annotations

    • Call-out Extensions

    • Location extensions

    • Review extensions

    • Call extensions

    • Sitelink extensions

    • Marketing Strategy

    • A/B split testing(Ad Testing)

    • Keyword & Match Type Selection

    • Cost-Per-Click and Conversion Rate

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Pre Launch Research

At Mrkt360 – the best adwords management agency in Toronto, we believe in conducting pre-launch research to ensure your campaigns get the best bang for their buck. We use various tools and resources to ensure every campaign is well planned and executed, aligning with the end goal. Often times, we hear about the negative experiences businesses have had with Google AdWords; however, when we look into the account it is because there was no initial research conducted prior to the campaign. Sometimes keywords that we think
people are searching for, may not actually be the case. Without conducting careful planning, a PPC campaign can waste hundreds, and thousands of dollars as it can lead to unworthy clicks based on low ranking keywords. It is important to do the research prior to running campaigns in order to avoid this situation.

We Think Outside The Box

Why should someone click on your ad versus the ad above it or below it? Creativity is critical with Google AdWords! Creativity and out of the box thinking should shine with the ad creatives, the campaign structure, and the ad texts. It can be done through personalization, discounts, offers, dynamic banners, creating a story, evoking emotions and more! Our trusted digital media advisors will sit with your team to brainstorm creative ideas for your campaigns. We take the time to learn the dynamics of your business, enabling us to develop unique strategies that will align with your Pay Per Click campaign objectives. One great example of this is our competitor targeting campaign; this campaign shows your ads to people who search for your competitors! Mrkt360 has experience working with Google Ads Canada and can surely help.

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Dynamic Text Replacement Landing Pages

When it comes to your AdWords campaigns, one of the most important qualities of an optimized landing page is relevance! Just as your ad text should be relevant to your keyword, your landing page should be relevant to your Google ad. The page should provide what the ad promises and what the user wants. Landing pages with relevant ad text also get higher Quality Scores, better ad rankings, and a lower cost per click as a result. Mrkt360, Toronto Google Ad Company
provides landing pages which master this relevancy point! We design speed optimized, convertible, and relevant landing pages with DTR (dynamic text replacement). DTR is a feature that lets you tailor the text on your landing page to match keyword parameters, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and other sources, using external variables you can attach to the URL.

Click Fraud Protection

Competitors and bots can drain your advertising budget! This is a concern a lot of advertisers have, and it is a valid concern for sure! We are able to provide and recommend click fraud protection to prevent such behaviour and ensure only potential customers see your ad. The click fraud protection will monitor, detect, and block attackers from clicking on your ads. Additionally, the click fraud protection will blacklist IP’s, bad hosts and proxy servers so they will not be able to see your ads in the future. This is a service not all our clients will need as certain industries are affected by click fraud more than others. Our AdWords account managers keep an eye out on how our client’s ads are being interacted with. If you believe your account is being compromised, contact us to see how we can help.

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Quality Score of Ads

Your quality score, which is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, is Google’s rating of the level of quality and relevance of your pay-per-click ads, corresponding landing pages and keywords. Nobody outside of Google knows how much each element weighs in a quality score, however the click-through rate is a very large component. This number is used to determine your cost per click, and is multiplied by your maximum bid, in order to determine your ad ranking during the ad auctioning process. Having high quality ads, and therefore a higher quality score can lead to lower prices and better ad positions on Google search.  You can try to increase your quality score by doing keyword research to discover relevant keywords, follow landing page best practices, add negative keywords to your list, and much more.

Free AdWords Audits

At Mrkt360, Toronto Google Ad company, we can help you evaluate how effective your AdWords account is. As you are investing a fair amount of money into your AdWords account, you want to make sure it is performing the best it can, and you are making a high return on your investment. We have the tools and resources that can help you unveil some issues with your account and work on improving the overall health and performance of your account. We will also outline some steps and tell you exactly what you can do, and what we can do to help boost performance. We will provide you with a thorough report and go through all your results with you, and figure out what is best for your unique account, industry, and location. Contact Mrkt360, adwords management agency toronto, today for a free adwords audit.

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Budgeting For Ads

There is no definitive budget that will work for everyone. The budget you should be spending is highly dependent on your industry, your overall marketing budget, and the average value of each of your sales. You can start by identifying which keywords you want to target. Then, you should use Google’s keyword planner and identify how much you want to spend on each keyword, and adding more keywords you find as well. Once you start running campaigns, you should focus on the click-through rate, cost per conversion and negative keywords to monitor and improve the performance of your ads. Mrkt360, an adwords management agency toronto can help you determine a budget by doing extensive research on your industry. We will launch campaigns for your company and help you allocate your account in order to strive for the best possible returns.

AdWords Goals

Having goals for your adwords account can help you better design your campaigns for success. Your goal should align with the main thing you want to get from your campaign. This could be sales, leads, website traffic, product and brand consideration, and brand awareness and reach. For example, choose sales when you want to drive sales/conversions online or engage with customers that are close to making a purchasing decision. Or, choose leads if you want relevant customers to express interest in your products via providing their contact information. You can also choose website traffic if you want potential customers to visit your website. Once you select a goal, you will see some recommended features that will help you get the results you want for your business. You can add or remove your goal at any time, or choose not to have one. Trust Mrkt360 for your Google Ads Toronto.

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