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We would like to act as your business partners, We would like our clients to see us as their marketing Wing, and to build long term relationship. We understand that we will be measured by improvements and by results. your Goal will be our Goal, and your success is our success.

What is Google Adwords

Adwords is Google’s online advertising platform that can help a business to drive interested clients to his website. Adwords helping you to pick when and were you wish your ads to show, it also help you to show your advertisement to the right keywords and demographic. with Adwords your business can be shown wherever your potential customers are, by targeting them on the go, to their mobile devices, to their cars(Google android for cars) , wearable items such as google watch, and Google glasses, and their TV. take you online marketing to the next level, and let us help you to set your Adwords account your can learn more on the following video

Adwords Goals:

Every customer has a different Goals, some customers would like us to target the top positions at Google, and others would like to have the most cost effective positions for their budgets. our Goal is to suggest our clients the right strategy that will meet their goals and budget. we see ourselves as your partners, and if we think opposite, we will offer you the option of testing both options, in order to chose the most converting solution. while most companies aim to top positions, we might aim to create outside the box campaigns, which will convert better with lower positions and lower cost per click. We found that our strategies are improving the conversions in avg. of 170%  more than the traditional strategies.

Why is it important to Advertise online ?

Everyday millions of people around the world search the web, it makes the web the largest market place where business can find his clients. Having a website is not enough, by advertising your site online you can bring customers from everywhere in the world that you chose, to buy your products or services. in today’s market, every website owner, can generate business online. you can generate business from the online even without having a website, or in addition from having a website, by placing your business on reviews sites, online directories, social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus,  popular shopping sites such as eBay and Amazon (if you sell products). we also recommend you to keep an high profile in forums, and where customers can talk about your business. You can get a better pictures about the importance of online advertising and where is recommended to advertise on the following video.

Determine a desired CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

Our goal is to decide about cost per lead which will work for you. we will setup conversion tracking for your campaigns, and when we achieve the goals, we will start with conversion optimization, in order to maximize the results. when we achieve the goal, we will suggest you weather we can get more leads within the same goals, if you increase your budget. our task is to continuously work on the campaigns in order to achieve the max results from the Adwords campaign.

Improvement of Quality Score – Lowering the cost per click

Quality Score is the major factor on lowering the cost per click. the formula that Google is calculating the cost per click is: Maximum bid X Quality Score = Adrank. We might suggest you on changing your landing page, and even do an onsite SEO to your site, in order for Google to be able to fully read and understand your site. we can also suggest about redesigning the website if we find that the user experience is affecting the quality score. the highest ad rank getting the higher position, in many cases customer need to pay 10 times more than his competitor in order to win the same position. you can find more info about the quality score calculation, and how Google Adwords auction works in the following video.


As you aleady understood, the Google adwords auction is deciding about the position of your ad by your Adrank, Here is another video which can explain on a simple way about Google AdRank

Landing Page

often Quality score is low due to poor landing page. when you design your landing page you need to ask yourself 3 questions: 1) is the page featuring what you promised in the ad ? 2) Can people easily find what they are looking for on your site ? 3) What do you want them to do on your site ? Include a call to action ! What is the goal of bringing the client to your site ? your can find explanation on the following video

Website creation – Making site look Good

We learned that one of the main points which helping us to improve the quality score, which will result to lowering the cost per click is the user experience on your website, after checking we recommend to follow the Google criteria and recommendations of building a Good website. after checking hundreds of web designers and analyzed conversions of over thousands of websites, we chose our All Star web design companies and individuals, which we are working with in order to get the best conversions to our clients. The web design companies and individuals  that we added to our All Star team are working with design budgets from $1000 per site to $10000 per site. if you don’t have any budget to design a website, you can try to design it by yourself via the free Google systems which they built with intuit, however we don’t recommend to do it (unless you are talented marketer and designer, who understand online marketing inside out).  When  you plan to advertise online, you want your conversion to be high, and only an experienced designer has the experience to design it. you can find more about it on the following videos

Why your business need a website

The statistics showing that most businesses don’t own a website, however i’m sure that if you are reading this post you understand that business need a website.

Social Media – Building an Online community

What is an online community and how can it help your business ? an online community is a group of people with a common interest. as example, visiting our site and watching the video means that you have an interest to advertise online in order to grow your business. These actions are usually being done by hiring an SEO specialists, our team of All Stars experts have the knowledge and experience to help with your SEO and Social needs as well. but, if you wish to do it by yourself we recommend you to watch the following video in order to find more information and techniques of how to do it by yourself, in case that you don’t wish to spend your budget on SEO and copywriters.

Budgeting for your online advertising

Deciding about your Adwords budget might be very challenging decision. with Google Adwords you are in control of your budget, you can decide on much much you wish to spend on your ad, and about your daily budget. but how do you know if the budget that you chose is right for you. before you set your budget keep in mind your marketing plan, what do you want to achieve and how do you plan to achieve it. you need to decide how much a click from a potential customer is worth for you, and how much you are willing to spend per day. you can decide about different budget per click by the value that you are getting from the service, in most businesses, there is a different value for products and services. after you campaign is running, we will be able to see, if your cost per click will get you a position which can result to business, and if your daily budget is enough in order to meet your targets. we will be able to optimize your campaign to your goals and budget. you can learn more about setting up Google Adwords budget on the following video

Google Analytics – measure your traffic

Google analytics will help you to understand how visitors interact with your website. it is important the Google analytics will be installed on your website, our technicians are Google analytics certified, and can help you understand the reports, our Adwords account managers will use this information in order to improve your ads and conversions, and if needed will recommend on design changes which needed in order to improve the user experience, which will result to better conversions. Google analytics is a free tool which is provided by Google, but require knowledge about coding in order to install it probably, most customers don’t have this knowledge, our team can  help you with the installation. Google analytics helps you to define your goals, and track how many visits translated into conversions. Mobile Tracking – Google Analytics tracks mobile websites, mobile apps and web enabled mobile devices. Ecommerce tracking – if your website selling products online, Google Analytics can track sales activities and performance. when we manage an ecommerce campaign, this info is helping us to optimize the campaign, which often leads to more conversions. for more information you can visit the following video

Five ingredients for successful Adwords campaigns

in order to implement  a successful campaign, it needs to outshine your competition . it will help you to achieve  better conversions. in order to build a successful campaign you need. 1) Structure your Adwords account properly. 2) Choose the right keywords, and remove the negative keywords. 3) Write attention grabbing ads, as example, if you have good Google plus reviews add them as a feed to your campaign, if you are service provider try to provide the customers call extension from your campaign. 4) Select the right landing pages – sent the customers to the most converting pages to the search term, save the amount of efforts that customers need to do in order to find what they are looking for. 5) Track who became your customer, it will help us get more customers like him. You can find more information on the following video
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