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Get to Know Google Marketing Platform

Search Ads 360 (SA360) is a search management platform designed for agencies and marketers to efficiently manage some of the world's largest search marketing campaigns across various engines and media channels.

To better understand SA360, it's essential to first get acquainted with the Google Marketing Platform. This integrated marketing technology stack combines advertising and analytics data, allowing marketers to plan, buy, measure, and optimize digital media and consumer experiences all in one place.

It's ideal in helping advertisers customize AI using first-party data consolidated into a rich dataset – leading to campaigns tailored to specific goals, and ultimately, better ROI. By design, Google Marketing Platform offers flexibility in the type of media you buy, how you buy it, and how you measure it.

What are the Key Differences?

Display & Video 360

  • For building and managing programmatic campaigns across all major exchanges & YouTube inventory.
  • Equipped with advanced audience and planning tools alongside Google's proprietary bidding algorithms powered by machine learning.

Campaign Manager 360

  • Proprietary ad server that centralizes paid media in a single place, supporting all creative formats for hosting and serving.
  • Equipped with Google’s proprietary measurement solutions to drive better media buying decisions; insights like attribution, viewability, and reach insight available.

Search Ads 360

  • Powers search campaigns with up-to-the-minute data and equipped with Smart Bidding option.
  • Offers streamlined workflows, powerful reporting, and automated bidding for enterprises needing more marketing muscle.

What are the Benefits of SA360?

Campaign Management and Creation

Manage campaigns across Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! Japan, Baidu, and other third-party data sources with reporting across additional engines and social channels.

Optimization, Planning, and Automation

Take action based on robust, real-time data powered by Google's large-scale AI infrastructure, ensuring campaigns are finely tuned and capitalize on incremental opportunities.

Measurement, Reporting, and Insights

Make smarter decisions based on unified insights – treating each customer with a more personalized approach.

  • Deduplicated conversion measurement
  • Deep GMP integrations
  • Platform for wider connections (like Adobe Analytics or call tracking platforms)
  • Advanced measurement with BigQuery & Ads Data Hub

SA360 Integration Capabilities

Centralized data across Google Marketing Platform provides a common measurement source so data sets can be combined, plus attribute and model across media channels and devices. This gives control, data fidelity – reduction of data loss and inaccuracy among online marketing platforms, and the full use of each individual platform when connected as a stack.

Existing integrations with SA360:

  • DV360
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Looker Studio
  • Big Query
  • Adobe Analytics

Let Mrkt360 Manage Your SA360 Campaigns

With SA360, not only are search engine marketing campaigns managed, automated, and optimized in real-time and at scale, but performance is also boosted with strategic bid optimization and budget management.

Native integration with the Google Marketing Platform enables you to manage and track digital campaigns on a single platform, streamlining cross-channel buying, reporting, and attribution.

Here at Mrkt360, our marketing experts and analysts are ready to assist you in running smarter search campaigns. Contact us to enjoy all the benefits of CM360 plus the added value of Mrkt360's marketing industry experience. Go full 360 for your data-driven marketing!