5 Basic Ways You Can Increase Your Website Traffic

Higher conversion rates are critical for your company’s success in the online marketplace.

Typically, more conversions mean more money coming in, as they encourage sales and contribute to your brand’s presence.

So how do you increase your conversion rates?

First of all, are people finding your website?

If your answer is no, that’s alright! It takes time to grow a website. 

It takes consistent sharing of good content for months or even years at a time before you get big. Your website’s growth is often slow and steady, and so is your traffic growth.

Even if you use social media marketing and you are doing on-page and off-page SEO right, there’s still a matter of time. 

However, polishing the basics goes a long way to help your growth. Even the biggest companies know that.

Here are 5 basic ways you can increase your website traffic.

Be present in social media

This one is a must in today’s digital landscape.

Social media has been gaining steam in the past decade. User growth in social networks is expected to surpass 3 billion by the end of 2021.

Just using Facebook for your social media advertising is not enough. Your social media marketing and active presence should be on other platforms as well.

I recommend YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for your business at the least. Try your best to grow your followers, create posts that make your audience engage with you and respond directly to those who do.

However, just because someone follows you on social media does not mean they’ll visit your website. Add links and calls to action (CTA) to your posts to drive traffic from your profile to your website.

Do this constantly. Use unique links to track where your visitors are coming from. This way, you’ll be able to determine which social profile and what types of posts create the most traffic.

Start a blog

I cannot stress this enough. Having a blog and posting regular content will generate leads. 

It gives visitors a reason to visit and come back regularly, especially if your content resonates with them.

What do you offer as a brand? Is it essential or big enough to ensure people visit your site daily?

Probably not. And that’s fine.

If you have a blog, your search engine optimization (SEO) improves because you constantly update new content to your page. But more on that later.

The bottom line is that if your SEO increases, your lead generation increases with it.

You can even use blogging as an excuse to use the last tip. Every blog you upload means a new post for your social media and even email campaigns!

Speaking of email campaigns…

Use your email list to your advantage

A traditional approach, yes. But it remains one of the most powerful tools out there that has been proven successful time after time.

Email marketing is key to fulfilling your advertising goals. It is generally inexpensive and versatile.

There are many ways in which you can use your email subscribers. Driving more traffic to your website is one of them. 

You can generate leads from new visitors when encouraging your current email subscribers to share your content. 

Additionally, email marketing software offers plenty of easy ways to get analytics of your email campaigns. Take advantage of them to measure the effectiveness of each type of email you send.

Capitalize on influencer marketing

If people believe in your brand and think of you as a credible source of content, products, information, or services, your website traffic will increase.

But how do you gain credibility apart from being authentic and consistent?

Easy. Leverage your relationships with influencers.

If you have enough funds, pay online celebrities to promote your brand. They already have established trust with their followers. Working with influencers makes your brand appear more legitimate.

Their promotions will reach up to millions depending on the type of influencer.

To be fair, you don’t have to use an influencer with millions of followers if you have no means to pay for their promotion.

Use micro-influencers instead. Despite what people may think, influencers with fewer followers have high engagement rates.

Start small if you must. But getting an influencer on your side will give you an easier time generating conversions and traffic to your website.

Improve your SEO

I talked about search engine optimization above. This is a great way to generate traffic.

Using tools and strategies to improve your SEO will help you get more organic traffic.

Keyword research helps when someone is looking for something online. If you appear high on the search results thanks to your SEO, someone that found your site from Google will automatically trust you more.

More than 80% of consumers use Google to help them find information about products and services before purchasing.

Mastering SEO means ranking higher in search engines. Even if people don’t know your brand exists, finding you in the search results will generate new leads to your website faster.

Basics just work

Sticking to the basics can still drive traffic to your site. All of these tactics are awesome because basically everyone can use them. 

So try them out! These methods have been effective with our clients and are easy to get the hang of.

I hope you have found this information helpful. 

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Alex Zertuche

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