ClickCease- what is it and why do we recommend it?

What is ClickCease?

ClickCease is a click-fraud detection, prevention, and protection service software. It can monitor your Google ad clicks, separating actual prospective customers from fraudsters and bots that just want to deplete your advertising budget. The best part is, you can see which IP addresses someone is constantly clicking your ads from and block that person (or geographical area) from seeing your ads altogether.

Since COVID-19 changed the way businesses are operating, ad campaigns are growing and becoming more important these days. To start addressing and understanding the importance of ClickCease, click fraud (as its name says)  is the fraudulent click on ads you are paying for. Most of the time, those fraudulent clicks are done by your competitors who are running campaigns using the same keywords as you. They click on your ads, and you have to pay for those clicks. However, there are more ways to commit click fraud on Ad Campaigns. The most common ways click fraud is committed is through bots, click farms, accidental clicks or brand haters.

Here it is an explanation of each:

Competitor Clicks: Competitors are commonly targeting the budget you use in your ads in order to hide them for potential real leads online. This may be a low tech method but it is a way competitors use to ruin mainly Google Ads campaigns. Competitors may wish to harm your ad campaigns by clicking on your ads with the purpose to make you spend your money on ads. 

Bot Clicks: Bots are software designed to do specific things automatically. They normally imitate human behavior to fulfill repetitive tasks faster than a human. These bots are created and programmed to commit fraud! In this case, bots are programmed to click on different ads. 

There is a large number of clicks that are not done by human beings. Humans behave with a particular way to move the mouse on the screen and click on specific points where clicks should be made. However, bots only interact with the screen as they were designed to do. 

Click Farms: They are physical locations full of mobile or desktop devices designed to commit click fraud. By clicking repeatedly on ads, end with the visualization ads campaigns. Sometimes, people hire click farms to sabotage their competitors Ad Campaigns. 

Accidental Clicks: Most of the time when we click on an ad, the reason is we made a mistake. We weren’t really thinking about clicking it. These kinds of clicks are not done with a bad intention, as its name calls them, they are accidental.  

Brand Haters: Haters are those people who have created negative emotions against your success. However, brand haters can be a sign that you are doing the right things with your business.

Signs you make be a victim to click fraud:

There are many ways you can notice you are a victim of this practice. When using Clickcease, there are a series of protocols and steps that let us know the quality of the click. The clicks on your ads are tracked by the IP addresses, VPNs and many more tools. Each click receives a grade from an algorithm to determine the quality of the click. Most of the fraudulent clicks come from developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, Philippines and even China. These countries host a large variety of click farms that can affect you. If someone clicks on your ads from these countries, you have to keep an eye on it!

Why we recommend ClickCease:

We are conscious that ClickCease can represent a problem while running your campaigns. Due to the increase of online traffic during COVID-19, click fraud is bound to increase. However, it is better to use preventative methods to avoid this from happening to you. Now we will share with you three advantages of using ClickCease and why we recommend it:

  1. Saves you money: According to ClickCease , 20% of all the clicks on your ads are fraud clicks. By blocking these fraud clicks, you are able to use your advertising budget on potential customers that matter. By using it, you will only pay for genuine lead
  2. Keyword comparison: This tool will allow you to track the keywords you want and see how your competitors are applying them. You’ll be able to create strategies to have a good competitive advantage online.
  3. Monitor your PPC Clicks: The system has a machine learning software that will interpret the results and information of the behavior on clicks from people. It will use filters as geography or kind of devices used in order to identify real leads from frauds or bots.

We recommend this tool to our clients to help them prevent click fraud as it is a practice that is constantly growing. Being prevented is much better than waiting until things happen. Your campaign will be boosted and allow you to get more leads and valuable clicks into your ads.


If you suspect you are a victim of click fraud and would like more information on our experiences with Click Cease, we can help. We also provide complimentary Google ad audits, where we can analyze your account to determine if you would benefit from this service. Call us at 416 477 0587 or request a consultation with one of our specialists here.

Irving Alexis Martínez

Alexis is an internationalist from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico State and a diploma from McGill University. With interest in international politics and digital marketing, he’s enthusiastic about the importance of digital marketing in a globalized world as well as passion on sharing his ideas with the right words at the right moment.