Creative Freelancer’s Marketing: Should You Do It All Yourself?

Creative Freelancers Marketing

Being a freelancer in the creative field is a whole challenge. There are multiple hats to wear and too much to do that you end up distracted from your primary tasks and reducing the quality of your work.

This will cost you a lot. The more you can focus on mastering your craft and producing excellent work, the better. That will open the door for bigger projects or commissions. 

One of the smartest moves you can make is to get help with marketing tasks. Marketing takes time and effort to work, as well as a pair of fresh eyes.

It doesn’t matter if you are on your own, and you don’t have to be a big company to do advertising with an Ad agency or a digital marketing company. You just need to be willing to grow.

A One-Person Show?

There is a whole new movement of ‘Do It Yourself’ digitally. It’s possible to find tons of online courses and workshops, and you can learn social media, product photography, web design, and coding.

Nevertheless, you know firsthand that it takes plenty of time and practice to master a craft. It’s better to focus your efforts on doing what you love (and what you excel at) and let the marketing to the pros.

There are multiple avenues to choose from. You can go to a marketing agency and ask for a complete positioning campaign, including branding, social media marketing, web design, and copywriting for your posts and ads.

You shouldn’t be doing it all by yourself. Get some help.

Do the Math

If the business is going well, you have consistent clients, a steady income and a busy schedule. But if you don’t have time to create for yourself, that’s a red flag. Personal work is key to keeping the flame burning as a creative professional.

Also, creative projects or working for your favourite brand can be a thrill. Those are the goals that keep you thriving and full of momentum. It’s essential to make time for this.

To accomplish this, you need to drop some weight out of your bag and give out tasks as your social media management to someone on your team or a marketing agency. 

With Meta on the picture, we recommend putting extra attention on Facebook Marketing. There is a whole new world of tools to boost your marketing efforts and connect a unified strategy among your business’s social platforms. 

The big net

Why stay with the same old website template? Why not convert your site to your digital showroom with a responsive design? Or transform your website into the ultimate selling tool?

It is critical to be on point with your SEO these days. Hire an SEO or a marketing company to help position your website on top of the search engine results. 

Also, if your business crosses paths with e-commerce, you might want to explore in detail the new Facebook Partners or Meta Business Partners to help grow your business. 

Divide and Conquer

Let’s say you already have a powerful marketing strategy and have expanded your niche onto other services and platforms like YouTube, sponsoring, educational programs and one-to-one mentoring. Still, you can’t take the time to sit and edit.

Whether it is YouTube marketing or the filming and editing part you need help with, it is crucial to delegate at this stage. Options are numerous. You can subcontract it to another freelancer or a marketing company. 

This way, you continue creating new content and performing for your audience at your best without compromising quality—no more solo recordings.

Some extra help

You probably don’t like “Email Day” as a creative professional. Sitting at your desk to write and send emails to your CRM list, filtering leads, quoting, or assessing business bills for hours on end is a chore. 

Yep, all that “not so cool” jazz about the job. 

Assign all those duties to a digital assistant. There are a lot of companies offering this flexible service. Save on paperwork and tackle the most tedious part of the job in the background.


If you resonate with one of these points, it’s time to call the cavalry. At MRKT360, we understand creative freelancers should focus on what they do best, and we provide a tall list of marketing and SEO services for freelancers and small businesses working online.

Let us help you with the heavy load. Focus on what makes you thrive.

Get in touch with one of our experts today to get started.

Adan Tamez

Adan is a copywriter and commercial photographer from Monterrey, Mexico. His two passions, words and imagery, led him to pursue a degree in Communication and Advertising at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and a Professional Photography Diploma at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. He also enjoys writing short stories and documentary film photography.