Digital Cataloging

Amazon has accomplished the unimaginable for the digital commerce industry.

On its own, Amazon has managed to create a catalogue of 12 million products, and Amazon Market Sellers offer around 350 million products on the platform. This catalogue is growing every day, and to manage so many millions of products at the same time without cannibalizing each other, Amazon has created its own Digital Catalog.

Amazon’s Digital Catalog is a database where Amazon receives all the information related to the product or products you want to sell on the platform. It contains data such as images, measurements, weight, product attributes, manufacturing material, price and a description of interest to potential buyers.

Digital Cataloging is vital for both Amazon and your company. Without a precise digital catalogue system, it would be almost impossible to maintain order among the more than 300 million products on the platform. Your brand would not be able to categorize its products by the characteristics that stand out, and converting it would be very difficult.

Managing your Amazon Digital Catalog is not a complex process, but it is quite tedious. Keep in mind that any mistake could cause a temporary or even a permanent suspension of your seller account.

At MRKT360, we understand how important it is for businesses to have a properly optimized Digital Catalog for your Amazon inventory, which is why our digital marketing experts will make sure to optimize, manage and update your Amazon product catalog constantly.

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