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What does Display Network do for you?

The Google Display Network connects you with customers with different ad formats across the Internet. You can reach almost 90% of people on the internet through over two million websites using the Display Network. It means you can target people who are browsing their favorite website, watching YouTube videos, checking their Gmail accounts, using different applications and mobile sites.

What is the Display Campaign Optimizer?

The Display Campaign Optimizer (DCO) automatically finds the best places to show your ads across the Google Display Network.

To use Display Campaign Optimizer, you need to determine your target cost-per acquisition (CPA) first and put it in your account.


How the Display Campaign Optimizer Works?

1. It digs through millions of websites in the Google Display Network, showing your ads on relevant websites.
2. Increases the conversions at your desired CPA bid.
3. It works on all of devices, your Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. 4. It is available for small and medium business advertisers.

Source: Google Display Advertising exam study guide

Source: Google Display Advertising exam study guide

Benefits to using the Display Campaign Optimizer?

Learn: It provides landing page and campaign history analysis

Target: It defines new groups of placements related to your product and services.

Optimize: Adjusts bids and targeting based on your performance.

Expand: Reaches new groups of placements over time.

Case Study

  • In 2012 Groupon gained millions of subscribers by tempting them with relevant deals in their cities.
  • Groupon targeted the users and showed them the daily deals at the same time they were reading related websites.
  • Display Campaign Optimizer helped them automate campaign targeting and bidding to increase conversions in a cost-effective manner.
  • Standard display formats were the best way to delivering a simple and compelling message.
  • The result, 1000+ deals in 43 countries with 85 million subscribers.


The Display Campaign Optimizer gets you more conversions at a lower cost, increases your ROI, and helps you place your ad in front of more potential customers for less.
Thank you.

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