Google goes Artificial Intelligence – How does Artificial Intelligence impact Google Advertising

The World’s most popular search engine, Google, recently began to use machine-learning mechanisms, allowing to create links between search terms. Thus provide the most relevant results based on logical inferences and conduct visits, without human guidance.

Google, what is now called “Alphabet” officially approved, on the last days of October, that for the past months, they have been using an artificial intelligence system to process and sort the results of numerous searches.

The name of the system is RankBrain. RankBrain is nothing less than a revolution. If until recently, a Google algorithm, designed by parameters that have been carefully chosen by Google technicians, was made to study itself.

It is important to emphasize that RankBrain is not completely replacing the current algorithm, that ranks web pages, but is part of it; Nevertheless this is a significant development and a dramatic, one bearing the imagination of us all – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As stated by Eran Hurvitz, the CEO of Mrkt360, “These changes will enforce many companies to invest into new web design and marketing to engage with their clients by providing them an enhanced online experience. However, this will provide a marketing advantage to the companies who do so”

What is artificial intelligence?

Since it is not easy to precisely define intelligence, it is as challenging to define “artificial intelligence” (a term coined in 1956 by John McCarthy). One of the accepted definitions of a computer is the ability to make a person think that he was a human, or behavior of a machine that was perceived as intelligent if a person was acting this way.

Car without driver

Google is developing an automatic car based on artificial intelligence, Apple is also developing these vehicles, and it maintains the ideas of entrepreneur Elon Musk , creator of “Tesla”. Google’s self driving car had 12 accidents as of the time it has existed, eight of which involved being rear-ended at a stop sign. The latest prototype has not been tested in heavy rain or snow due to the fact that there are some safety concerns – Using Artificial Intelligence, an individual can see a selection of changes in the world.

Answering emails

Answering Emails, uses a less exciting algorithm, but one that Google already offers us, called Smart Reply. Smart Reply tool scans our inbox and suggests up to three responses based on the emails you receive.

Cyber ​​friend who is also a personal search engine

Ray Kurzweil, one of the world’s leading futurists, is a key for Google’s artificial intelligence system. Kurzweil explained a huge amount of information that Google has given us the ability to guess what every Google user really wants to know.

Barbie with personality and software that beats game company Atari

h1Other examples of the wide variety of uses in AI are a Barbie doll that can have a conversation with humans. The doll uses a software that teaches itself to play classic video games, and reach very high levels. The software was developed by a company named Deep Mind. Deep Mind was acquired by Google, and used to identify objects in game clips. It is quite possible that in the future, this can also be used as part of the Google algorithm to rank sites (as it should appreciate relevant pictures).

In general, Google is one of the leading companies which uses AI and invest heavily into integration. Due to using AI and investing heavily into integration, Google is able to stay at the top.

What exactly does RankBrain do?

RankBrain, is a ranking algorithm where if an individual where to search for an exact word or phrase, it would not necessarily return to the sites most useful to the him.

According to the latest data of Google, there are approximately 450 million searches a day (out of a total of three billion searches a day), these searches are long and complex expressions and this proposes a challenge to Google’s algorithm.

An example that influenced the performance of RankBrain is “Trudo” – since it is likely that whoever types this word in the search box will be able to analyze that surfer would like information about Trudo, meaning that the word has a meaning. Artificial intelligence’s system allows the search engine to teach itself more and more information until it would be at its most accurate point.

Incidentally, Bing, the search engine of Microsoft, uses an AI system called RankNet, and Facebook uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create custom feed, but Google has always attract more attention due to having a deeper influence in our lives.

Does RankBrain allow Google to know us better, and How does Artificial Intelligence impact Google Advertising

Google knows us a lot. In fact the company is gathering information about anyone on its search engine.

It is important to emphasize that this is not necessarily bad: this information allows Google to better direct search results for each specific user, and in the end we have access to more convenient, faster and relevant information. RankBrain, signals trends and uses its growth in artificial intelligence to teach us better, get to know our habits and our expectations when we’re typing an expression into the search box. Using this, Google increased the ability of search engine and led us to optimal sites for our surfs.

Alongside the welcome effect of artificial intelligence has, RankBrain In particular, there are concerns structured; Some stem from the fact that Google did not specify the consequences of RankBrain (perhaps because that company officials themselves do not yet know exactly how the new system will evolve and perhaps because of the ambiguity policy so beloved Google).

There are other concerns related to the accumulation of too much power in the hands of a commercial corporations, thanks to all the information they have brought to us. Now it is difficult to see mankind get along without Google (or other search engines, which stated that there are implementing AI).

How will RankBrain affect websites?

RankBrain affects the share out of all searches done at any time. In fact, one parameter has become the third most important of the hundreds of parameters that influence the ranking of any website.

It is still unclear how publishers need to prepare to win the highest score in Google’s algorithms. Even though, the RankBrain may enhance the capabilities of Google and the publishers.

Eran Hurvitz from Mrkt360 estimates that valuable content that engages readers, will increase its affect on rankings due to the RankBrain algorithm.

Eran Hurvitz

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