Parallax Scrolling Websites & SEO Optimisation

Parallax scrolling sites are extremely popular nowadays. It’s considered by some to be the most recent method in web design, yet do parallax scrolling and SEO Optimisation blend?A Parallax scrolling site makes utilization of new technologies, like CSS3 and HTML5. These sites include the moving of background at a slow rate to the center by making a 3D effect to scroll down and up the webpage.

We realize that SEO ought to dependably be a noteworthy thought when designing a brand new site. It doesn’t make a difference in case you are building up a flashy parallax scrolling site or a straightforward WordPress blog or site. It is important that you need your intended audience to discover you naturally. Lamentably, while a parallax scrolling site can be stylishly satisfying, there is a lot of examination out there proposing that building Parallax scrolling websites is not a SEO- friendly attempt.


The major issues between Parallax and SEO

Much like AJAX and flash before, a parallax scrolling site design exhibits various difficulties for SEO. But, it won’t be true to say parallax scrolling and SEO completely can’t blend. These difficulties include:

Attempting to optimize a single webpage for numerous keyword initiatives/types

In numerous parallax scrolling sites, the greater part of the content is showed on a single webpage. Much the same as whatever other single-page site, it’s hard to do SEO for that single page for different keywords.

Appealing visitors with the website speed

The objective of a parallax scrolling site is to captivate your visitors by letting them know a convincing story. That is extraordinary, yet remembers that Google perspectives site speed as only one metric in its intricate calculation for figuring out where your site falls in its natural postings. A cumbersome Parallax code on the back-end of your site can essentially diminish loading time, which can affect your rankings to some degree.

Approaches to make SEO and parallax scrolling work mutually

Simply because parallax websites are not perfect for SEO will not that you cannot make these websites to work mutually with SEO.

One methodology is to make a parallax scrolling landing page, however go with it with different subpages so as to optimize the main keywords with pertinent topics by keeping up a different set of website pages.

In fact, compared to numerous Parallax websites having one page indexed in any of the search engine is always better.

  • Plan out the supporting pages in the sitemap around the main parallax page to tell the whole story about your business, but this will also provide you a chance to rank on various keywords, and will give additional pages a perfect linkage to other sites.
  • Try to build up a plan for the mobile and then assess your current mobile traffic. This will certainly help you to identify your mobile audience and do the plan based on the visitors coming to your website.

A website based on Parallax Scrolling looks extraordinary, while inadequately done Parallax scrolling can wipe out numerous opportunities for your website as well as the SEO point of view. Making a parallax scrolling site is about parity. It is an awesome feature for your visitors, yet it shouldn’t be the aggregate of your site because SEO is also essential for your organization.

Eran Hurvitz

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