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WHY WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER TO SUPPORT CHELSEA, SOPHIE, ANGIE AND SIMON The Douthwaite family have lived in many different countries where they have left lasting impressions and made lifelong friends. In April of this year Chelsea, her big sister Sophie and her Mom and Dad moved to Malaysia to begin a new adventure. 4 months later their world was turned upside down when Chelsea was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The diagnosis came just 1 week before Chelsea’s 3rd birthday. As they are relatively new to Malaysia they do not have the immediate support of friends and family who live nearby. This fundraising page is to allow all of us around the world to help Angie, Simon and their girls during this very difficult journey. After insurance, medical costs will reach close to CA$70,000 and our hope is to make that one less burden that Simon and Angie will have to carry. We the Friends and Supporters of Chelsea, Sophie, Simon and Angie, namely the Mediterranean Branch of the Go Chelsea Charity Fundraisers, created this site to raise money.