Press Release Basics: Tips To Get Noticed

Mastering the art of writing a press release is a must for any marketing and public relations specialists. Many would argue that press releases have become obsolete, but they continue to be a part of any web marketing strategy.

Journalists use press releases for news topics and stories that are relevant. News distribution platforms make the public aware of a company’s news announcements. Furthermore, with social media consumption on a continuous rise, the public has more immediate access to information than ever before.

It’s critical to have the ability to create optimized press releases that are ready to go viral. Writing these press releases requires practice and skill. 

But we can help you with that! Here are some tips you can use so that your press release gets noticed:

It needs to have a news angle

Start with a relevant topic. Something newsworthy so that people pay attention to it. How will the reader care about your story? Will this story resonate with my target audience?

Keep in mind that a press release is an official statement. It will be distributed to the media and shared with potential customers. Your piece must be relevant and written to catch attention without being inauthentic. 

It all starts with the first sentence. You need a sentence that’s not too over the top—explaining the “why” in the first sentence is usually enough. Mention “who,” “what,” “when,” and “where” right after.

Drawing attention is key to make sure your content is picked up. Most of the time, the media discards a press release because the writer screwed up the article’s introductory paragraphs.

The most common press release topics are product launches or services, hiring new executives, awards, events, and the bane of every public relations expert’s existence: crisis management.

Giving a unique approach to these topics will make your writing more relevant to your audience.

Headlines make deadlines

Is that even a saying? Probably not. 

However, headlines are the first impression you give to a reader. It can make your press release stand out among the crowd or be part of the unread pieces. You need something catchy but also informative. It has to show why it’s relevant to your audience.

Let’s say 10 people get exposed to your content online. Only 8 will read the headline, but only 2 will read your content piece.

Here are some tips for that:

  • Aim for 70 characters, including spaces. Include all essential information and your primary keywords.
  • People are more receptive to numbers in headlines. Percentages, averages, etc. Don’t overflow your headlines with numbers, though.
  • Adjectives are a fantastic way to spice up your headline and make it sound more attractive. Like with the numbers, don’t overdo it. There’s a thing as too much fluff.
  • Keep it accurate. Writing a misleading headline will make readers lose trust in you.

Short but sweet

Audiences are continually being bombarded with information 24/7. People want short and clear content. Many marketing and web services firms have been shifting their approach to online strategies to satisfy this trend.

A press release provides enough information to grab their attention and provoke them to find out more. Get to the point quickly and stay on it, no need to repeat yourself.

If you want journalists and readers to find out more, include links referencing further information. As with previous tips, don’t overdo these. One link per 100-150 words should do the trick, with three links maximum.

CTA – Call To Action

Depending on your content’s purpose, you’ll want readers to take action for them to act further.

In the case of press releases, most readers won’t read your entire article. Keep your calls to action somewhere between the first and second paragraphs. “For more information, contact us today!” is not going to work in a press release, especially if it’s at the end of the page.

Your CTA needs to stand out to draw attention. Use bold and italics to draw attention to it. Use the full URL if it doesn’t obstruct your content too much. It’ll make the readers aware of where they’ll be directed next.

Multimedia and Quotes

Quotes and multimedia resources make your press release look more trustworthy. 

Be it a senior-level executive, industry expert, or even a customer, a quote from the right person can be a valuable tool to give your writing more authority. Make sure to use natural language and keep it short. Something natural wouldn’t need more than two-three sentences.

In the case of multimedia, it can enhance your piece by providing additional info, visual references and clarifications without needing to expand your content.

Important note: If you use a video, make sure it’s on the short side (1-2 minutes max)

SEO is your best friend

SEO and the Google algorithm can make your content go viral just by using the right keywords. However, you don’t have to overload the content with links or too many keywords anymore.

Google’s BERT update from a few years ago allows computer algorithms to understand natural language better.

Targeting SEO with fewer keywords and better format is now the way to go. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short (no longer than 3-4 sentences), use bullets to break down data and benefits, and use bold for critical information.

Press Release Writing Services

Even though writing a press release sounds simple, it can take effort to get it right, making it challenging and time-consuming. Sometimes, hiring a writing team to write it for you will save time and make the most out of your publications.

If you want to hire a content writer that can write optimized press releases ready to go viral, contact Mrkt360. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you in crafting newsworthy press releases that will resonate with your audiences and bring great results to your digital strategies.


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