Running online: An ecommerce strategy!

During the last few years, eCommerce has re-invented the way people make purchases all around the world. The Internet has become an easy way to get in touch between consumers and retailers. 

eCommerce can be defined as the interaction of buyers and sellers who want to exchange goods and services; as for globalization, the practice of selling has reached international levels in a small time. 

In Canada e-commerce is a trend that has grown during the last few years. eMarketer reported that in 2019 sales online grew 20.7% worldwide compared to 2018. Amazon, JD and Suning Commerce Group were the most important e commerce retailers. Whereas in Canada, the most important retailers were Amazon, Costco and Walmart. In the worldwide scale, Canada ranked on the 6th place after countries such as Mexico, India or China.

According to Statista, 57% of worldwide users made purchases on fashion products ranking it as the most popular category in 2018, followed by footwear. Furthermore, Canada’s most searched categories were focused on electronics, fashion and books. As well as this market segment is growing, the expectations regarding it are going in the same direction. People have high expectations on what the online service should be. If you are trying to improve your business online, check these highlights to take into account: 

  • Give a good experience: People prefer sites that provide an easy and comfortable experience while buying.
  • Speedy deliveries: The fastest delivery, the better. Since society experiences a phase where speedy things are growing where fast food, quick information or faster communication are dominating our daily lives. Providing a fast shipping and delivery process will be considered at the time of ordering into a web page.
  • Shipping back service: As a service, it is an easy and fast service that can be appreciated by shoppers in terms of facility and customer service. 

As a retailer, an online business will also provide you many advantages such as:

  • The possibility to manage your time, 
  • You will be able to decide when and where to work,
  • The possibility to create a big consumer base, even with international shoppers, 
  • Freedom of offering as many products as you want.

Canada is a good option to settle as an online retailer, as a big country with an increasing market that can be experienced through technology, represents a good opportunity to run a business model. eCommerce is a great strategy regarding the place and the way to sell a product; do not miss this opportunity to grow. These are some tips and facts about e-commerce strategies. Alternatively, Mrkt360 as a SEO agency can help you improve them for your business!

Irving Alexis Martínez

Alexis is an internationalist from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico State and a diploma from McGill University. With interest in international politics and digital marketing, he’s enthusiastic about the importance of digital marketing in a globalized world as well as passion on sharing his ideas with the right words at the right moment.