A Quick Guide To Mobile App Marketing

The world is smartphones. And smartphones mean apps.

Subscription app revenue hit $13 billion last year.

So what’s the best way to go about marketing your app?

Well, let’s talk about the budget first. With the proper budget, it’s a quick and easy thing to do.

Most app creators begin as startups, a few people with a fantastic app idea but not too much cash.

Can you market your app for free? Absolutely.

Not easy nor quick. But free nonetheless.

Once your app has been created, you now have a full-time mission: Marketing your app.

Here’s a quick overview of the basic things you must do in order for your mobile app marketing to be successful.

App Store Optimization

This topic could be an entire article on its own

This article will give you an excellent checklist to follow.

The bottom line is that app store optimization follows similar processes to SEO.

Choosing keywords and long-tail keywords for your app’s description and title, detailed screenshots to showcase your features, etc.

It’s free, too! And incredibly effective. So start with app store optimization and then continue from there.

Reviews solidify your position

In online marketing, social proof is crucial for success. 

Social proof is used to enhanced the perceived value of something. Overall ratings don’t matter as much as those three or four reviews someone reads before deciding to download.

Don’t get me wrong. 5,000+ positive reviews and 5 negative reviews are fantastic, and the numbers will speak for themselves. But for someone that’s just starting, you need as many positive reviews as you can get.

Search and encourage people to provide feedback. Little-to-no feedback means the app is not worth hitting the install button.

If your app has a five-star rating, everyone will consider downloading it, period.

Low rankings no downloads. Simple as that.

Provide notifications to current or new app users to rate your app as they use it. Sure, many will just skip it, but that small percentage of people that do will do it because they enjoyed your app.

Websites like 101 Best Android Apps and 24/7 App Reviews allow you to obtain legitimate reviews for free! Be sure to check them out and start improving your chances of success.

Landing Page

Building a landing page specifically for your app.

A few screenshots, reviews and a brief video trailer or tutorial for your app showcasing how it works goes wonders.

Keep it simple. No need to saturate the page with thirty reviews and videos. Be clean in your design.

Give your visitors a clear call to action (CTA).

 “Start your free trial”

There’s a free trial? Click.

Most landing pages showcase a picture of a phone with a screenshot of the app to send a clear message:

This is an app and this is what it looks like. Simple.

If you already have traffic on your webpage, adding a landing page for your app will do wonders for generating downloads. Capitalize on your website’s current traffic and make the most of it as possible.

Influencer Marketing

Remember I mentioned social proof? This is one of the best ways to obtain it.

In a world where influencer opinion is treated as a doctrine by social media, a good shoutout might mean the difference between success and failure.

Do some research and find a handful of influencers, bloggers, and the like that are related to your app’s niche.

For example, D&D Beyond is an app for Dungeons and Dragons players, so they use incredibly niche-popular YouTube Channels or streams like Critical Role and Dungeon Dudes to feature and showcase the app.

Develop a quality pitch and make sure it resonates with the influencer or online audience they target to the point they can’t say no.

This can’t be hard without a paid sponsorship, but not impossible. Micro-influencers can be incredibly useful as well.

You can use this in hand with social media marketing and boost your visibility even more!

Start Now

Probably the most important takeaway from this article.

You need to start NOW.

Not tomorrow, Not the day after. Start promoting your app today and begin your success journey.

I hope you found this information useful and that your app launching endeavors are fruitful and successful. If you are interested in topics like this one, be sure to check out our blog.

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