Why Designated Landing Pages Are Important For Your PPC Ads

As a business owner, you might say oh “Do I really need a designated landing page? I already have an excellent website where I can drive all my PPC traffic to”. Well, the answer is yes, you do need a targeted landing page. Driving your ads to a general page on your website is simply not as effective as driving them to a relevant and targeted page. On today’s post, I will write extensively about why designated landing pages are important for your PPC Ads.

Now, let’s take a look at why designated landing pages are important for your PPC Ads:

They Are Relevant:

At Mrkt360, we encourage our clients to invest in a designated landing pages when conversion is the aim. You do not want to spend time creating amazing ads that lead people to general pages of your website. This will cause your visitors to leave, resulting in a high bounce rate. For example, you see an awesome ad about a new red bike, and you decide to click it. Would you want the ad to lead to a page all about the red bike, or a general contact us page? I think we know what the answer is. Users want relevancy and we need to provide it to them.

They Guide The Visitor To Take An Action:

Designated landing pages guide the visitor to take a particular action such as a form fill or telephone call. When designing a landing page, you should include a call to action and lead your visitors to where you want them to be. Conversion is always the primary focus of landing pages hence attaching a simple form where information can be inputted in exchange for a nice gift makes sense. Attaching some value in return can increase the chances of getting the information you need by a major percentage.

They Are Visual: Make it count. If you want customers to visit your page, make sure it is worth their time. Designing an appealing page can help reduce the bounce rate and increase the amount of time spent on your page. Include pictures and relevant information about your business.

If you want more information or you need help designing your landing, contact us today to book an appointment at info@mrkt360.com. You will be glad you did!

Eran Hurvitz

Dynamic, dedicated, and determined, Eran's passion for technology and marketing led him to start his own digital marketing agency, Mrkt360. Presently he is CEO at Mrkt360 Inc. and Co-Founder at Highbreed Corp. With a passion for technology and over 20 years of experience in the field, Eran is confident in his ability to help businesses achieve their online goals to creating Successful Companies.