Furniture Retailers You CAN Grow Your Business during the current Pandemic

As economies around the world navigate through the current Covid-19 crisis, one thing is clear- it is time to change the way businesses operate. Businesses need to invest heavily on e-commerce and online advertising to reach their customers. As social distancing policies become a norm in the days after the Pandemic, the need for businesses to be online will only increase overtime. 

At Mrkt360, we specialize in creating strategies that help our clients get online and achieve success. Over the years, we have helped numerous businesses transition from traditional brick and mortar model to an online business model. These businesses are much better equipped today to face the current challenge than they would have been without adapting our strategies. 

We believe that E-commerce will continue to grow for the majority of Furniture retailers in Canada even in the aftermath of COVID-19, since consumers will stay with the online channel after the crisis. In particular, home & furniture retailers will experience a continued increase in the online share of their revenues as a result of the switch from offline to online consumption during the COVID-19 crisis. 

With the shelter-in-place orders in effect, customers are staying at home, they are working at their homes, yearning to be comfortable as they spend more time indoors. Sure, you will get no or less traffic to retail stores, but that does not mean less business. Here are some ways by which Furniture retailers can cope up with the current pandemic:

  • New product categories: Customers are looking for home office furniture as well as equipment that can help them cope up mentally and physically with the challenging times. A lot of customers seek accessories that can help them work and be entertained at home: wi-fi gear, work tables with iphone or ipad holders have seen an increase in demand. Students setting up for e-learning look for solutions that can help them complete assignments and be focused during lectures.  It’s time to figure out what your customers will need during this time: rugs, pillows, throws, easy-to-assemble furniture, dual purpose furniture – and provide them with these options. 
  • Enable e-commerce: enabling e-commerce is as easy as creating an online Shopify store or creating your store on Amazon. Let your customers know that you ship to their doors. You don’t even need to have physical inventory, just a trusted distribution channel that can ship the products to your customers. 
  • Personalized selling: Customers still want personalized buying experience, they should be able to chat with your team members if they have questions or be able to track their orders real-time. Easy solutions like having a ‘chat bot’ on your website or a mobile number where customers can chat with your team can be used. Our team at Mrkt360 has helped many clients implement these on their websites. Call us today to know more about these solutions. 
  • Fulfill custom orders: From guiding customers how to refurnish their homes to designing custom furniture to fit their homes – successful retailers will be able to do all this online. 
  • Adapt quickly: The current situation is evolving rapidly, and as a business owner, it is important for you to adapt quickly as well. Newsflash: other retailers are thinking the same thing too! If you don’t change your business model quickly, you might be left behind the competition. 
  • Easy Delivery Options: Customers should know that you provide hassle-free deliveries. That your delivery system is designed to have minimum contact (or is contact-free). 

As a Furniture Retailer – Are you reaching your customers when they search for you online? 

Do you offer free at-home consultation to your customers? 

Do your customers know that you offer ‘Office Gear to Help the Work From Home Comfortably’ or that with your products they can ‘Bring Nature Indoors’?

This is the perfect time for brands to invest in Brand Awareness campaigns. Brand awareness campaigns are designed to get in front of people. By consistently staying top-of-mind with consumers, you’ll be their go-to brand once they’re ready to make the purchase. Today, even with a modest budget, your online reach can increase exponentially. 

Our team at Mrkt360 has created an easy to implement digital marketing plan for Furniture  Retailers looking to increase their clientele during these challenging times. 

We have helped many of our Furniture Retailers Clients implement digital strategies that have helped them have a sustainable online business. These businesses are much better equipped today to face the current challenge than they would have been without adapting our strategies. 

So let us help you reach potential customers while you focus on what you do the best – Spreading the. Call or Contact Us Now! It is a completely free, no-obligation call.

Esha Joshi

Esha is a Digital Marketing Manager at Mrkt360, an acclaimed SEO company based in Toronto. Esha specializes in content creation and online marketing management. When she is not busy optimizing client campaigns, she likes to share her views on current marketing topics on the Mrkt360 blog. At home, she can often be found running after her ridiculously amazing kid.