Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Update

Google algorithms are programming techniques used to locate data from Google’s search directory and present relevant results to searchers. The search engine deploys a mixture of algorithms and multiple ranking guidelines to present webpages in a certain order on the platform. Google introduces changes to their algorithm on a daily basis, which is done to refresh index coverage on web pages. Google search algorithm updates tactically increases or decreases the visibility of your website on search engines.

Whether your website is affected by Google algorithm updates will depend on the nature of your website’s content. For this reason, the launch of the new Google algorithm updates should not come as a threat to your online business. As a digital marketing agency, we have studied the behavior of Google algorithms and are prepared to make your website appear on the top of the list of search result, regardless of sudden updates. We pride ourselves in being a results-oriented company when it comes to search engine optimization, since our staff are trained and certified by Google in the essential fields of digital marketing.

The following are major Google algorithm updates that drastically affected the ranking of webpages in the past:

  • Google Mobile Friendly Update
  • Google Penguin Update
  • Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update
  • Google Panda Update
  • Google Pigeon Update
  • Google Payday Update
  • Google Pirate Update
  • Google Top Heavy Update
  • Google Hummingbird

Recently, Google released an algorithm update called the Google Medic Update. Our Google analytics specialists quickly learned that this update was created with the aim of improving the search results of health and medical related websites. However, it later affected the search indexes of all websites worldwide. With the Medic Update, even websites that were previously very low in search ranking were considerably high rated on the search engine. A few days after the release of the Medic Update, Google clarified that it was a major algorithm update meant to control how web content is graded in search results, and that there is no technical resolution for such indexing issues. Instead, Google’s advice is to keep updating the content on your website to attract visitors. This may sound very confusing, which is why we are here to offer professional advice and help you improve your website traffic and ranking on search engines, regardless of the sudden changes associated with the Google algorithm.

As the name suggests, the Medic Update largely affected health-related websites. However, it started impacting all commercial websites a few days after the launch as well. Many content websites experienced multiple fluxes and their ranking on the search engine slightly dropped. After proper evaluation of this change, we discovered that the Google August Update advances towards YMYL, Medic, and EAT. Fortunately enough, our experts are greatly familiar with the Google Search Quality Raters Guideline and make sure that the webpages we handle meet all the requirements.

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) Webpages

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) webpages are those that are associated with money, life and health-related issues. If you have an online business, a business involving money, or your online business is visible on Google, your webpages must meet all the requirements of YMYL, in order to attract enough traffic to your website. Luckily, we have great knowledge of what the Google algorithm considers during a website evaluation, and can help you boost your presence on the search engine.

According to the general guideline of Google webpage rating, YMYL websites must include:

  • Pages containing the site owners’ credentials such as bank details, Tax PIN, driver’s license and personal identification numbers which could be used for spam purposes.
  • Pages that involve money transactions whereby subscribers might be required to input their credit card number or bank details.
  • Pages displaying medical or health related issues that could easily influence your life.
  • Pages guiding individuals on serious decision making, for example, pages on education, purchasing a home, parenting, acquiring a new vehicle and many more.
  • Pages published to guide users on key life concerns that could affect your future and finances.

What industry observed ?

Google algorithm updates tactically index YMYL pages that meet the standard requirement of EAT. The Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (E-A-T) standards consist of:
Expert – You must be an expert in your area of specialization. This implies that you must be greatly knowledgeable in what you do; possessing the appropriate verifiable qualifications and experience. Experience may not be considered for all websites, however expertise is imperative for websites associated with legal financial and medical issues.
Authority– You should write or explain contents authoritatively as if you own them. Certifications are important, but experiences are considered more important.
Trust– You should win the trust of website visitors/users. The content of your website should make the user believe in your services/products.

How Mrkt360 Can Help You?

Mrkt360 is an expert in E-A-T compliant web content! We are here to develop your webpages in accordance with the E-A-T guideline. Google webpage quality raters use E-A-T to assess the behavior of a website based on the content presented during the search. They review and confirm whether the content presented conforms to their guideline. If raters see that users would happily read, share, and recommend the webpage, this rewards your website a good E-A-T raking. In fact, E-A-T is the reason why users would prefer to acquire your services over your competitors, because of the order in which your web content is presented. As a company dedicated to digital marketing and online campaigns, we have developed a strategy that will ensure your content meets the E-A-T criteria. Your only task will be to explain the nature of your business, business location and contact information. Thereafter, we will improve your website to meet the following standards:

  • The “about us” page will be updated with all the necessary information pertaining to your company. Profiles of your executive staff consisting of their qualifications and experience should also be on this page, in order to clearly showcase their expertise. The experiences and qualifications of your staff members should also be presented on their social pages to create opportunities to interact with fellow professionals.
  • Creating authority for you and your product requires some tactical focus. First and foremost, we generate a dedicated web page detailing all your success stories and awards you and your company have previously earned. As a result, you need to consider updating users and showcasing your successes using blogs, articles, newsletters, videos, infographics and more on your website and other online platforms. Providing users with updates directly engages them with your services and products and can increase the traffic on your website.
  • What your clients say about your services and products can strengthen the trust your new web visitors will have for your company. Such testimonials should be displayed on the website.
  • Indicating the person responsible for content on a website is recommended, as it helps build trust for that content. We include the names of writers, editors and/or reviewers, and these names appear in the form of links that redirects to their respective biographies, to enhance the credibility of the content.
  • We will embed social media share buttons on your website, in order to provide an opportunity for users to share your product and service information on their social media pages. This improves the visibility of the website through multiple social profiles.
  • Online newsletter subscriptions can be used to engage users with the content on the website. Our experts will use this to advertise your services and products by sharing specific topics for your subscribers from time to time.

It is important to note that Google has been consistently updating its algorithms beyond your imagination. Due to its quick shift, some may even say that Google formulated an algorithm that automatically manipulates search results in search engines. Some Google algorithm updates are very minor and sometimes go unobserved. Obviously, the methods required to improve your website to be better interpreted by search engines needs a team of experts from a reputable company. We are the best when it comes to Google algorithm updates, as we have a team of well-trained professionals that generate content that stands for all algorithm updates and stay committed to ensuring your webpages are well-indexed.

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