Marketing Strategies For Home Improvement Companies

Generate More Leads and Increase Sales

As the house prices rise, so does the demand for home improvement. Renters, Landlords and Home-Owners are seeking out ways to remodel and upgrade their homes - instead of starting fresh. Home Improvement is a cyclical industry - and maintaining consistent projects and income is a byproduct of effectively managing your marketing. Mrtk360 is a leading Digital Agency that understands how to utilize strategies to optimize campaigns, build your brand and drive sales.

It’s not a secret, so we want to tell you our plan. We believe that a combination of SEO, PPC, Web Design and Social Media will get the results you are after. We are transparent with our strategy because we know you are the expert in your craft, and we are the expert in ours. We will leverage our experience, partnerships, access to platforms, publishers and research to ensure we represent your work the best we can. By taking your business online - you create an 24/7 storefront where customers can visit and find out everything they need to know. This will allow you to ward off unnecessary phone calls and streamline your communication processes. In addition to the store front, it can be a gallery of all your best projects with reviews provided by past customers. This will not only boost your credibility, but it will add value to each project you take on. The Home Improvement industry will always be necessary and will capture memories for each renter, landlord and home-owner - Mrkt360 wants to capture that feeling and tell the world about it.

SEO for Home Improvement Companies

When looking to grow, Search Engine Optimization is the first order of business. In the Home Improvement Industry, potential customers are turning to search engines to find solutions. You must first understand the consumer behaviour of your target market in order to effectively target them. Most people plan and budget for home improvements, making it an expense that is searched for. Mrkt360 has built our reputation in SEO and is able to capture customers by appearing to users who are close to converting, and taking them directly to your website.

PPC Advertising for Home Improvement Companies

Internet Marketing efforts are not complete without Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Extending upon the concept of SEO, PPC is the act of paying a publisher for a click when their ad appears on their website. PPC can be used to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. This strategy can be tailored based on the seasonality and weather. Mrkt360 will ensure your ads are optimized based on the trends that have direct impact on your Home Improvement business. This allows for your budget to be allocated to ensure maximize impact. For example - you can limit your spend through the winter months, so you can launch with a larger budget and stronger campaign once “Spring Cleaning” season hits. Home Improvement ads also appeal to many consumers emotional sides, often connecting to special memories. Your ad and ad copy can reflect these sentiments and build a connection with your potential customer. Additionally - you can leverage holiday sales to build out your business year round. Mrkt360 has various platforms that we can use to give us access to premier publishers. This connection puts your brand where people are already looking. Specifically for Awareness campaigns - clicks are a great way to track engagement and measure the success of your campaign

Web Design For Home Improvement Companies

In order to compete on today’s playing field - each company must have an online presence to establish credibility, provide an online catalogue with a price list and contact information. Mrkt360 has years of experience building eye catching, and easy to navigate websites so your potential customers have a place to go to meet you before the first call is even made. There are a few key characteristics that are essential to having a successful home improvement website. First, the website must be fast. This rings true across all industries - if a website takes longer than three seconds to load, consumers are likely to abandon it all together. In the realm of website performance - it should be secure and mobile friendly. Supplying a Contact Form and About Page adds personality and credibility to your website. It allows users to get to know you and ask you questions with minimal commitment from either party. The last tip is to build a Home Remodeling blog on your website. It you can commit to writing helpful, unique content on a weekly, monthly basis you are providing value to your customers and increasing your searchability.

Social Media For Home Improvement Companies

Social Media is not just for millennial instagrammers; it functions as a news outlet, a review platform and a way to communicate with past, present and future customers. Mrk360 will manage your social media accounts and optimize the performance so you are capitalizing on the traffic of these platforms. Most importantly - social media is a catalogue of inspiration. The target market for home improvement is said to be ages 35-65 and the millennial age bracket will soon be filling this market. In order to appeal to these consumers and achieve top of mind awareness, it is crucial to have a presence on social media. The connectivity of Social Media can also be leveraged through Influencers, Sponsored Posts and Contests. You can reach new audiences and get seen on news feeds by collaborating in the platform.