Use YouTube Advertising to Power-up Your Crowdfunding

In an ever-evolving digital world, people can share their ideas with others with relative ease. Sometimes people are willing to fund an idea, project or venture you may have in order to see it come to life.

Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular, with over a thousand active crowdfunding platforms on the internet. 

Through a crowdfunding campaign on a digital platform like Kickstarter, you can share new visions of your creative work with relevant communities to receive support from people who resonate with your idea and are likely to support it.

If you are new to crowdfunding or want to boost one of your current projects’ reach, using YouTube ads might be just what you need to reach that fundraising milestone.

How can YouTube ads help my crowdfunding campaign?

YouTube ads will allow you to target potential customers and have them see your project when they watch or search videos on YouTube.

What’s more, you will only have to pay when they show interest in your ads. This means that you will only have to pay for ads that people watch for more than 30 seconds or click on them to visit your crowdfunding page. 

If you only pay for those who actually engage with your ads, you create a cost-effective ad strategy. One that will resonate with people that come to YouTube for the content they love.

You can target sports fans, makeup artists, gamers, art enthusiasts, and everything in between. If you have a product or project that has to do with something they enjoy, they will be more likely to fund it.

How does it work?

When it comes to the crowdfunding sphere, YouTube ads allow you to advertise to potential customers and investors who will back your project.

You can target people based in specific locations like states, provinces, cities, or countries. You can also define specific parameters to target audiences based on what they do on and off Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Alternatively, you can narrow your audiences based on their age, gender, and languages. You can also reach them based on their interests like accounts they follow, channels they’re subscribed to, purchase intentions, as well as ads they click on.

Finally, target your conversions by showing your YouTube ads on apps and websites they most commonly use. These can be investor apps like TradingView or other crowdfunding websites like Wefunder and Indigogo.

This system allows you to customize your conversions, giving you complete control over the type of people interacting with your ads. The platform also provides valuable statistics you can use to measure your campaign performance.

Does it work? Ask Sharkwheel!

A few months ago, Shark Wheel contacted Mrkt360. They were interested in targeting potential investors and customers who would back their project. We worked together to develop a strategy that focused on YouTube ads to showcase their product to investors.

Together, we built an ad campaign using YouTube’s custom conversions. From April 1st to May 13, the campaign has reached over 650,000 impressions. Whatsmore, 49% of those impressions watched the ad for more than 30 seconds.

This resulted in a campaign that got fully viewed by over 320,000 people. With an average cost per view of $0.03, it cost the company just a little over $11k to run their ads for the duration.

YouTube ads made this campaign a huge success. Shark Wheels has managed to drive enough people to help fund their project on Wefunder. This campaign has attracted viewers to their website, making people aware of their other products.

Make the most out of your ad campaigns

By now, you already know how YouTube ads can boost your crowdfunding projects:

  • They’re financially feasible. You only pay for successful interactions with your ad.
  • Their reach is highly flexible and broad, allowing you to target relevant audiences with ease.
  • Their effectiveness can be easily quantified and measured, meaning you can always go back and make changes if needed.

Be sure to adopt YouTube ads for your advertising efforts.

If you have no experience with YouTube ad campaign management or don’t know where to begin, be sure to contact Mrkt360.

By allowing us to team up with you, we can design an advertisement strategy to ensure your crowdfunding’s success. We’ll do all the necessary research, construct an ideal marketing proposal for your project, and can help you set up your YouTube Ad account from scratch.

Not only that, but we’ll also provide you with conversion tracking once everything’s set up and running.

Take your crowdfunding project’s reach to the next level. Contact us today for more information!

Alex Zertuche

Alex is a copywriter from Monterrey, México. He graduated from the Institute of Technology and Higher Education of Monterrey with a degree in Communications in Digital Media, specializing in Project Management for Creative Industries and Digital Media Production. He is passionate about entertainment, creative writing and generating engaging content through his work.

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