Want To Boost Your Ad Segmentation And Promotion? Keep These 3 Things In Mind

Have you ever run an ad for your business on Instagram or Facebook, budgeted it and not gotten the results you expected?

You probably didn’t segment it correctly. 

Things are not as they used to be. Social media algorithms have changed and got a little harder to understand. 

In the past, it was as simple as choosing the right keywords in Google AdWords (now Google Ads) or pasting a massive list of hashtags into your post description and boom! You got traffic and likes. It was all about the heart or ‘like’ button back then.

Now, results may not be as quick or easy. 

It’s important to stay away from the surface and go to the core. Here are 3 tips to boost your ads segmentation and promotion.

The Medium Is the Message

It’s not what you say. It’s how and where you say it.

This applies to choosing the right media or platform for your specific business. If this goes wrong, everything else will fall apart. 

Pay special attention to where your target audience is spending their time. Is it on Facebook, Instagram, or other social platforms?

Do some research. What are their needs? Their wants? Where are they looking for solutions? Is it direct Google browsing, or are they social media surfing?

The Goal

What is your mission with this ad? Is it to generate traffic to a website, get more followers on social media, or sell your services or products? There is no wrong answer—only the one you plan to aim for.

Are you looking for clicks or impressions? What’s the difference? 

An impression measures how many times your ad is shown on someone’s screen or display. This is useful when your goal is to maximize exposure or positioning to climb to the top of the mind of the potential customer. A political campaign is a good example of this.

But if your goal is to sell your products and services ASAP, you might prefer rooting for clicks instead of impressions. PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is the right choice, as it allows you to only pay for every time a user clicks your ad on Google.

This kind of paid advertising can be expensive for some, but it’s a powerful tool. If PPC Management sounds too complicated, delegate it to someone else. There are a lot of marketing companies or PPC Management agencies specialized in this field, ready to put your business on the top of the list and make this a cost-effective solution.

Be Very Specific

With goals defined and the medium selected, it’s time to direct your ad even more. There are a few ways around this. Focus on the content, the right voice and tone for your message or copy. 

Pick the right words, experiment, and find niches within them. Google Ads offers different audience segmentation, it goes beyond demographics with behaviour preferences, and online searching patterns to get closer to potential customers. 

Bonus: Keep It Going

This is one of the best pieces of advice for marketing. The market is in constant evolution, changing forwards and backwards. Keep trying, building new audience segments, developing specific keywords for your business and seeking help when you need it.

At MRKT360, we are always eager to help businesses grow through the different advertising and marketing channels. For custom-made PCC Management Services, refer to one of our experts today.

Adan Tamez

Adan is a copywriter and commercial photographer from Monterrey, Mexico. His two passions, words and imagery, led him to pursue a degree in Communication and Advertising at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and a Professional Photography Diploma at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. He also enjoys writing short stories and documentary film photography.

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