What SEO Marketers Need To Keep In Mind About Gen Z

Newer generations behave differently than older marketing audiences. This creates new challenges for digital marketers, as they must look for the most effective way to reach them. Generation Z’s behavior, when compared to millennial audiences, differs significantly from any other audience.

Learning to work and connect with these younger audiences is vital to stay afloat in the digital marketing world.

Who composes Generation Z?

Gen Z (also known as Zoomers) consists of more than just Youtubers and teenage social media stars. Generation Z is composed of individuals born from 1997 onward. According to Brookings, they make up nearly 29% of the American population. Baby Boomers and Millennials now have lower percentages, with 21.8% and 22%, respectively.

To put it into perspective, the oldest members of Gen Z are just reaching their mid-twenties. While it is easy to think of this younger group as teenagers and kids, their consumerism and tendencies play a significant role in the world’s economy. With an annual spending capacity of 143 billion dollars, this group accounts for 40% of global consumers.

This new generation is also more tech-savvy than any other that came before. With even toddlers interacting with technology daily, Gen Z has a lot more subconscious knowledge of how technology works. All professionals that use online marketing tools must understand how Gen Z interacts with marketing.

Interacting with Gen Z through marketing and brand loyalty

Gen Z’s relationship with brands is different than generations that came before. For Gen Z, brand loyalty must be earned. 

This group is looking for a reflection of their values and is prepared to hold brands accountable if they don’t follow or betray them.

Another Gen Z marketing challenge digital marketers face with this generation is that they are also more challenging to engage.

Today’s average consumer is bombarded with hundreds of ads a day and has built an internal immunity to them. It only takes a couple of seconds for them to filter ads and allow them to focus only on the ones they care about.

Among the many new marketing opportunities available, social media is one major communication channel to target Gen Z. Video content sites like Tik Tok and YouTube are especially effective, as Gen Z has moved away from traditional television viewership.

SEO and digital marketing tips to interact with Generation Z

Gen Z is not as responsive to direct advertising as other groups. However, that does not mean that they are not accustomed to searching. It is second nature to them at this point. They’ve been accustomed to search on engines that will have the answers readily available to them. This is especially true in their reliance on mobile devices and smartphones. 

It is critical to use these trends and think about the correct ways to connect with them through SEO and digital marketing. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Develop a strategy that takes into account how SEO will play into the overall marketing plan. New tools and technologies are becoming increasingly available to help with this.
  2. Create unique and engaging content. Be upfront; focus on generating content that resonates with them. 
  3. Optimize web pages and app performance and speed. All the SEO in the world won’t help you if your site is slow and unoptimized. In the age of instant gratification, Gen Z will leave your app or website if it takes too long to load.
  4. Never overlook Gen Z in your marketing strategies. With their rising influence in the market, Gen Z will become a consumer superpower in the future. Start catering towards them today to build stronger connections in the long run.

Appeal to Gen Z with Mrkt360

All in all, Gen Z is well on its way to dominating consumerism in many industries and shouldn’t be ignored. If you are not preparing for this, you are well behind.

As SEO marketers often do, embracing change is what must be done as this new generation grows.

Sometimes, adjusting to new trends can be hard for brands. If you want to implement proper SEO strategies that resonate with Gen Z, be sure to contact Mrkt360. Our digital marketers provide solutions, web services, and SEO strategies for brands to increase their online presence.

Contact us today or book a meeting with us to learn more about our SEO services.

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