Why Bing and Microsoft Advertising are Still a Good Choice for Ad Campaigns

Most people tend to view Bing as inferior to Google. However, the search engine has gained popularity in recent years, especially in the digital marketing space, as Microsoft Advertisement offers advantages to those interested in specific types of ad campaigns.

Mrkt360 and other marketing agencies have been bombarded with requests from customers interested in advertising through Microsoft’s platforms. Mrkt360’s newest additions to their team of experts, Kiana Hannah-Lyons and Nicolas Minardi, have been trained extensively in using Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads. Their experience led them to create a document they call their “Bing Bible” to pour all their knowledge and expertise into it.Using the “Bing Bible” and their expert opinion, this blog will discuss Microsoft Advertising through Bing and other media while answering the most common questions regarding the topic.

Can Bing even compete with Google?

“People who look at Bing usually see a smaller platform with fewer users than Google,” Nicolas mentioned. “But that is not necessarily a bad thing.” Many people are guilty of making that assumption. Although smaller, Bing still has a great reach, currently being used by 30% of the US search market, which translates to more than 126 million people and more than 6.2 billion searches per month.

“Not only that,” Nicolas continued. “Having a smaller user base means having more quality leads due to higher conversion rates, less competition, lower bid prices, among some other benefits.”

Bing’s smaller user base may be one of the most significant benefits for marketing ad campaigns on a tighter budget, as the cost per click is significantly cheaper. Furthermore, brands only pay when someone clicks on their ad, making all of their campaigns cost-effective.

How do ads on Bing compare to Google?

Microsoft Advertising doesn’t limit itself to Bing, but also Yahoo and AOL. It is also incredibly similar to Google Ads.

Even if a brand opted to use Google Ads in the past, it shouldn’t have a problem switching over if it chose to. Kiana was pretty clear on that:

“Microsoft Advertising is a simple and easy-to-use platform,” she said. “It allows businesses to transfer all of their client information, analytics, and ad campaigns they had on their Google Business Platforms without losing any data.”

Bing also stands alone in its ability to target audiences by their industry and profession, which is a big plus for advertisers looking to target specific audiences:

“Even though Google allows you to reach a more significant amount of people,” she continued. “What Bing can assist in is allowing you to target specific areas of employment on platforms like LinkedIn.”

Should people use Bing Ads or Google Ads? Explained with social dynamics and apples.

Kiana and Nicolas both approached the question from a symbolic standpoint.

“There is still a large percentage of people who use what I call Google’s cool little brother’ Bing,” Kiana said. “Bing knows many people, too, that Google may not know or has never been introduced to. So just using the Google ads service to advertise your product or service means you’re missing out on plenty of consumers who choose to use Bing. So why not have both whenever possible?”

If we looked at social dynamics and behaviours for a second, that is a perfectly reasonable reason to incorporate Bing into your ad marketing strategy.

While Google may be a social butterfly and know almost anyone, Bing might have the one or two specific connections you need to make your brand or products pop.

Nicolas used another metaphor to follow-up.

“I keep thinking about it like this… and this is a saying my abuelita used to tell me,” he quoted. “You can be the firmest, prettiest, best peach in the orchard, but at the end of the day, someone will always just like apples.”

We know Google Ads is a massive platform. Following Nicola’s metaphor, Google Ads would be a giant farm, offering all the fruits in the world to as many people as it can.

Most people will leave Google’s farm satisfied because they found everything they need or got the chance to try different fruits.

Bing and Microsoft Ads are part of a farm that only sells apples, but they are the town’s best apples. It leaves customers extremely satisfied, but only if the customer is looking for apples specifically.

So should brands incorporate both Google Ads and Bing? Short answer? Yes, whenever possible. Brands will have a greater audience than if they only used one platform. If a business can only choose one due to budget constraints or other factors, Nicolas proposed a rule of thumb:

“For companies looking to advertise to the biggest and widest audiences, Google is a no-brainer. But if you require a particular audience, Microsoft and Bing offer employment targeting and a more mature audience overall.”

Opting to use Bing and Microsoft Ads may be just what brands need to advertise their products and services effectively.

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