Christmas Online Marketing Ideas and Strategies to Boost Your Sales

The holidays are closer each time! Christmas and New Year are the best times for retailers to increase their online presence and sales. Successful online marketing strategies to promote your deals are key for success.

However, many choose to prioritize selling more rather than focusing on profit. I mean, why wouldn’t they? More sales mean more profit, right? 

Not necessarily.

Some retailers carry out massive discounts and promos, ignoring how much they are willing to lose per item sold. This results in a lot of sales but hardly any profit.

Let’s look at some holiday online marketing strategies you can use to boost your sales without sacrificing profit. After all, slamming down prices isn’t the only way to achieve sales during Christmas.

Choose your combo and special offer products carefully

Holiday bundles and special offers are the core elements of any Christmas and New Years’ sales strategy. You can combine multiple products into a single bundle, create special prices for them and promote them on your social media. 

Still, you must carefully choose the products you use in ‘Buy 2 Get 1’ and other special offers. Make sure that those products won’t affect your profit margin if you offer them at a discounted price or for free.

Another thing you could do is use items that have been around for some time in your warehouses and inventories rather than new ones. This can help you increase sales and manage your inventory at the same time.

Optimize your web content

Update your website’s theme. Christmas and New Year-themed banners, icons, and colour schemes will add holiday cheerfulness to your brand’s ecommerce site.

Also, use SEO-friendly content so people can find your website easier. Remember that you aren’t the only one competing for holiday buyers. Ensuring your website and product pages rank higher on search engines using search engine optimization can mark the difference between a successful sales strategy and a holiday failure.

You can do to encourage the “limited time!” aspect of your sales campaign to add a timer on your site. This will make people think they should buy your product immediately or lose an opportunity for a sweet deal. Trust me, seeing the counter go down can create significant pressure on your customer’s decision.

If you can, you can also update your product listings and add holiday-related products and make it easy for your customers to find them. You can add them as limited-edition items to encourage sales through the scarcity principle.

Last but not least, rewrite your product descriptions and include references to the items that would make good gifts for your customer’s family and friends.

Holiday theme and designs in your email marketing

Email marketing is not dead and will always be an effective tool for marketing sales strategies. Add some Christmas and New Year’s flavour to your email marketing campaigns.

You can use holiday banners and other elements, special greetings, and pictures to portray the holiday cheer and make your emails more attractive.

People are constantly keeping an eye out for discounts, especially with ecommerce on the rise. There are many ways to increase your sales using your email marketing besides implementing the holiday theme:

  • Send reminders for abandoned carts to encourage customers to complete purchases. If you add an extra discount after some time while you’re at it, you will secure more sales.
  • Organize your email list before Christmas and re-engage with them during New Year’s.
  • Keep your loyal customers happy by giving them special vouchers on products they may like. Their loyalty needs to be rewarded, so they keep coming back for more.

I recommend using marketing automation software that allows you to schedule emails, categorize your email lists and much more. Many allow that through a single dashboard, so be sure to look for the one that works best for you!

Creating the right social media campaign

First off, you need to start now if you haven’t already.

This time is the perfect time to use your social media for promotions. If you have left some of your accounts to accumulate dust for a while, it might be time to start being active again—post promotional photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, you can create giveaways or photo contests that require customers to interact with your page. You can give discounts and products for free for their efforts. This way, you increase brand awareness and customer engagement at the same time. 

The best part? You can save your data and use it as a reference for your next holiday campaign next year!

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