Facebook Business: why should it be implemented during the pandemic?

Small businesses that use their social media properly can have more impact and engagement with their customers and followers. Facebook is not an exception. According to Sprout Social, Facebook reports daily around 1.62 billion users interacting and 74% of the population in the U.S. are active Facebook users. According to Statista, after the first quarter of 2020, and due to the current situation of COVID-19, Facebook has increased the number of people on the platform. This can be seen as an opportunity to improve or create your business page and advertise on Facebook as it is one of the platforms that has proven an increase in interactions with people around the world. 

In this space, we will share with you some strategies that you can use to increase your engagement, visibility, and sales by advertising on Facebook. We understand that this current pandemic has changed the way things used to be, but joining the digital revolution will keep your business profitable! Find out how:

  1. Listen to your customers: What are they looking for? Which platforms are they using? What are the trends? You need to be where your market is. Trying to understand who is looking at you will let you improve strategies to engage with them. No matter if you are selling food, clothes or any type of products. Create a community of people with similarities and engage with them. Create posts with useful information, organize promotions and sales or incentive your followers to interact with you. 
  2. Drive traffic to your page: Bring attention to your web page. Make sure you are posting often and with a variety of content as photos, videos, stories, etc. Making around 2 or 3 posts per day is good but not excessive. 
  3. Advertising gets easier and flexible: Sometimes, advertising can sound very confusing but Facebook is making advertising easier! The process can start by defining what will be the objective of your campaign. When creating ads, there are up to 15 options to choose from 3 different categories.
      1. Awareness which main objective is to generate interest in your product or service. Examples can be “Boost your posts”, “Promote your page” or “Reach People Near your Business”
      2. Consideration which focuses on making people look for more details and information of your products. Some examples of this category are “Send people to a destination on or off Facebook” or “Collect leads for your business”. 
      3. Conversion which objective is to encourage people already interested in you to purchase or use your products. Examples can be “Increase conversions on your website” “Promote a product or a catalog” or “Get people to claim your offer”

    Once you have chosen the focus your campaign will be guided through, the next steps are to start taking the ideas into reality. At MRKT360 we have specialized people that can help you run your business with Facebook Advertising. 

  • Facebook store: This app (already available in any facebook account) allows potential customers to navigate through the products available in the platform. This app is a great option for your business to reach millions of Facebook users that are looking for the services and products your business offer! 

We encourage you to join the technological revolution and digitalize your business today with Facebook! Customers’ behavior and priorities have dramatically changed in the past months. Advertising online is a good strategy to increase your sales, but today, it is the way to stay connected during this situation. If you want to expand yourself into this marketing strategy, you can count on us! Contact MRKT360 through our web page or call us at 416-477-0587. One of our marketing experts will provide you the information you need and guide your business through the world of online marketing.

Irving Alexis Martínez

Alexis is an internationalist from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico State and a diploma from McGill University. With interest in international politics and digital marketing, he’s enthusiastic about the importance of digital marketing in a globalized world as well as passion on sharing his ideas with the right words at the right moment.

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