Facebooks Policy For Crypto Ads

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Facebook is constantly refining its advertising policy to ensure a positive and safe experience for its users, especially for ads related to financial products and services. Anyone advertising in this industry understands the difficulties associated with rapid policy changes, particularly with differentiating between what is and what is not allowed. Moreso, it is frustrating when ads are constantly being disapproved and accounts are getting disabled. A few months ago, ads that promoted cryptocurrency and related products and services were strictly prohibited. Now, as there is clearly too much ad revenue potential for Facebook to ignore, they have reversed the cryptocurrency ad ban. However, advertisers wanting to run ads for cryptocurrency products and services must submit an application to help Facebook assess their eligibility. This documentation has been created to help guide you through these changes. It will cover:

  • Facebook’s updated policy for prohibited financial products and services
  • Ad Examples
    • Landing page impacts
    • Misleading or false content
    • Personal Attributes
    • Multi Level Marketing
    • Grammar and profanity
  • The cryptocurrency products and services onboarding request form
  • The advert review process
  • Facebook Cryptocurrency Ads Addendum

Prohibited Financial Products and Services Policy (As of June 2018)

Ads may not promote cryptocurrency and related products and services without Facebook’s prior written permission.

Ads must not promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices. Facebook’s new cryptocurrency policy applies to all ads promoting cryptocurrency products, services, and related content. This includes, but isn’t limited to, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency trading platforms, blockchain technology, digital wallets, cryptocurrency mining, educational courses on cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency industry news. But Facebook will continue to prohibit ads that promote binary options and initial coin offerings.

Ad Examples:
Facebook’s Advertising Policies provide guidance on what types of advert content are allowed. When advertisers place an order, each advert is reviewed against these policies. Listed below are examples of ads that have and have not worked:

Have worked:
“Anyone can do it! No education or experience required. Learn more!”
“Want a quick and easy way to increase your income? Become an online trader!”
“No experience needed. Get everything you need to start trading online”
“Learn how to trade and build your strategy with our free market reviews. Terms apply.”
“Anyone can do it! You could earn a second income. Learn more!”
✔ “Learn trading techniques. Start from gaining knowledge about market- moving events. Learn how trends may influence an experienced traders behaviour. Enjoy a $5000 demo account for free upon registration.”
“Learn how to become a successful trader in 30 days! Free eBook and video tutorials”

Have not worked:
X “Start binary options trading now and receive a 10-risk free trades bonus!”
X “New ICO! Buy tokens at a 15% discount NOW!”
X “Get rich quick- all while working from home”
X “Join now and start making $800 a day instantly”

Listed below is additional content and examples on Facebook’s policies:

Misleading or False Content:

Additionally, Adverts must not contain deceptive, false or misleading content, including deceptive claims, offers or business practices.

“Learn how to lose belly fat.”
“Tips to lose weight”
“Earn profit every two weeks”

X “Three shocking tips to lose all your belly fat”
X “One crazy tip to lose weight!”
X “Earn 15% profit every two weeks”
X “You won’t believe what you can eat to cure diabetes.”
X Exaggerated claims, including exaggerated “tips” or “tricks”
X Claims of unrealistic results within specific time frames
X Claims of cures for incurable diseases
False or misleading claims about product attributes, quality, or functionality
X Setting confusing or misleading expectations for delivery times
X False or misleading claims about return processes
X False or misleading claims about the services provided

Landing Page Impacts

Non-functional landing pages can cause adverts to be disapproved. Adverts must not direct people to non-functional landing pages. This includes landing page content that interferes with a person’s ability to navigate away from the page.

X Error pages or sites that are under construction
X Landing pages that are PDF or JPEG files
X Landing pages that don’t match the product or service promoted in the advert
X Landing pages that automatically download files to a person’s computer
X Landing pages that require you to download additional programs or software to access the content on the page
X Landing pages with a low Web of Trust rating
X Directing people to a closed or secret Facebook group
X Sending people to www.facebook.com

Personal Attributes

Adverts must not contain content that asserts or implies personal attributes. This includes direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person’s race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, gender identity, disability, medical condition (including physical or mental health), financial status, membership in a trade union, criminal record or name.

Advert creative that describes or shows the promoted product or service
X Text referencing or alluding to personal attributes or characteristics of the targeted group or individual
X Using the word “other” to reference a personal characteristic

Race Examples
“Meet Hispanic men online now!”
“Find black singles today.”
X “Meet other black singles near you!”

Religion or philosophical beliefs Examples
“Date Christian singles!”
“Looking for Buddhists near you?”
“Meet Hindu singles online now!”
X “Are you a Christian?”
X “Meet other Buddhists”

Age Examples
“Meet seniors”
“A service for teens”
X “Meet other seniors”
X “Car insurance for 18 to 24-year-olds”

Sexual orientation or sexual behaviour Examples
“Atlantis gay cruises”
“Gay dance clubs”
“Gay dating online now!”
X “Meet other lesbians now!”
X “Are you gay?”

Gender identity Examples
“Come meet transsexual singles”
“A monthly meet-up for trans people and trans allies”
X “Meet other trans women at our monthly meet-up”
“Questioning your gender identity?”

Disability or medical condition Examples
“Bulimia counselling available”
“Depression counselling”
“New diabetes treatment available”
X “Do you have diabetes?”
X “Depression getting you down? Get help now.”
X “Treat your anxiety with these helpful meditation techniques.”

Financial status or information Examples
“We have financial services to cover every financial need.”
X “Broke? Bankrupt? Take a look at our services.”

Membership in a trade union Examples
“Be a part of our union today”
“Dislike your union rep? Join our union today.”

Criminal record Examples
“Services to clean up any previous offences”
X “Are you a convicted criminal?”

Name Examples
“We print customisable T-shirts and stickers with your name.”
X “James Parker, get this T-shirt with your name printed on it!”
X “It’s a James thing” (if their name is James).

Multi Level Marketing

Adverts promoting income opportunities must fully describe the associated product or business model, and must not promote business models offering quick compensation for little investment, including multi-level marketing opportunities.

X “Get-rich-quick” schemes

Grammar and profanity Policy

Ads must not contain profanity or bad grammar and punctuation. Symbols, numbers and letters must be used properly, without the intention of circumventing our ad review process or other enforcement systems.

Correct grammar and punctuation in the text you use for your advert.
“Click here for more information!”
X Excessive symbols, characters or punctuation
Misused capitalisation, such as using capital letters throughout your advert’s text.
X Profane language, including profanity that is partially obscured by asterisks or symbols
X “Get the best f*&%ing T-shirts here.”
X “♧ ♥ ♡ ♢ ♢ Buy now ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ ⚜”
X “Tired of shitty mobile service? Switch to a provider with better coverage.”
X Whÿ wónt yòu clîck mé?
X Buy Ga.rcin-ia Camb,ogia here

Cryptocurrency Products & Services Onboarding Request Form

Advertisers wanting to run ads for cryptocurrency products and services must submit an application to help Facebook assess their eligibility — including any licenses they have obtained, whether they are traded on a public stock exchange, and other relevant public background on their business. Given these restrictions, not everyone who wants to advertise will be able to do so.

Please see the steps below:

Step 1: Application
Advertisers must provide the necessary information in the application form.
Step 2: Agree to Additional Terms
The advertiser must agree to additional terms, which are included as the last step in the application.
Step 3: Domain Verification
As part of the application process, advertisers must show domain ownership and verify their website domains in their Business Manager. This requirement applies to websites only. For additional details on this verification process, read Facebook’s previous Sales FYI and review their external resources, including Facebook’s ads Help Center, developer documentation, and debugging steps.
Application Decision
After Steps 1-3 are complete, Facebook will review the application and will send an email to the advertiser on whether they are eligible to advertise cryptocurrency and related content. As a reminder, all ads will still go through the Facebook ads review process and must adhere to our Advertising Policies.

The Advert Review Process

Before adverts appear on Facebook or Instagram, they’re reviewed to make sure that they meet Facebook’s Advertising Policies. Typically, most adverts are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases, it may take longer.

During the advert review process, Facebook will check your advert’s images, text, targeting and positioning, in addition to the content on your advert’s landing page. Your advert may not be approved if the landing page content isn’t fully functional, doesn’t match the product/service promoted in your advert or doesn’t fully comply with Facebook’s Advertising Policies.

You may be wondering, “what happens after an advert has been reviewed?”. After your advert has been reviewed, you’ll receive a notification letting you know whether your advert has been approved. If it’s approved, Facebook will start running your advert, and you will be able to see your results in Adverts Manager.

Facebook Cryptocurrency Ads Addendum

This Facebook Cryptocurrency Ads Addendum (the “Addendum”) applies to your use of Facebook to advertise, promote, market, or post any advertisements or content in any way related to cryptocurrency (the “Cryptocurrency Content”). Cryptocurrency Content includes without limitation advertisements or content concerning cryptocurrency; cryptocurrency trading platforms; initial coin offerings; cryptocurrency-related products (including hardware), services, educational offerings, and consumer goods; and cryptocurrency news, information, and advocacy. As used in this Addendum, “Cryptocurrency Ads” refers to advertisements placed through Facebook’s advertising tools, and “you” refers jointly and severally to the individual agreeing to this Addendum and each entity on whose behalf the individual agrees to this Addendum.

Section 1. Cryptocurrency Ads.

1.1 Facebook approval of any Cryptocurrency Ads or your eligibility to display Cryptocurrency Ads may be subject to such conditions and restrictions as Facebook may determine, and may be withdrawn at any time with or without notice. Any approval is subject to your compliance with the Agreement (as herein defined) and is without prejudice to Facebook’s rights under the Agreement, including without limitation its rights to review and reject ads in its sole discretion. Approval hereunder does not amount to any endorsement of the material/activity approved, an acceptance by Facebook that the same complies with the Agreement or applicable laws and regulations, or act as a waiver of any Facebook rights or your obligations under other terms applicable to your use of Facebook.

Section 2. Your Responsibilities

2.1 At Facebook’s request, you will provide any supplemental information that Facebook deems, in its sole discretion, is relevant to assessing your eligibility to display Cryptocurrency Ads on Facebook. Such supplemental information may include, but is not limited to: (a) information related to your cryptocurrency-related product, service, business, or activity; (b) a legal opinion from qualified counsel regarding your compliance with this Addendum and all Applicable Laws (as herein defined); and (c) any licenses, provisional licenses, notices, permits, authorizations, permissions, consents, and registrations that are required as a matter of applicable law in connection with the Cryptocurrency Ads, the content therein, and the product, service, business, or activity promoted in the Cryptocurrency Ads or destinations linked within the Cryptocurrency Ads (collectively, “Licenses”). Relevant Licenses may include, but are not limited to, those required under applicable legal regimes governing money transmission, electronic money, deposit-taking, banking, payment systems and operators, anti-money laundering, investment services, securities, or other forms of financial services.

2.2 Where you do not yourself hold all Licenses under which the cryptocurrency activity promoted in the Cryptocurrency Ads is provided to users in applicable territories, you must ensure execution of this Addendum by each entity holding such License(s) and are responsible for their adherence to all obligations hereunder.

2.3 You will notify Facebook immediately if any of the warranties, representations, or covenants in the Agreement is no longer true or correct, or if there is a material change to any information previously provided to Facebook in connection with the Agreement or your eligibility to display Cryptocurrency Ads on the Facebook sites. This includes information related to (a) your cryptocurrency-related product, service, business, or activity; (b) the legality of your cryptocurrency-related product, service, business, or activity/conduct in a particular territory; (c) Licenses; (d) regulatory investigations; or (e) legal actions.

2.4 You will promptly give Facebook all reasonable co-operation and assistance in the event of any regulatory investigation or legal action relating wholly or partly to your use of Facebook.

2.5 You are solely responsible for all targeting options in connection with the Cryptocurrency Ads. You will ensure that all Cryptocurrency Ads are targeted or gated only to users over the minimum legal age at which individuals may use and be targeted with such ads, products, services, business, or activity in the applicable territory and only to the specific jurisdiction(s) in which you are legally permitted to run such ads and provide and promote your products, services, business, or activity.

2.6 None of Facebook’s approval, suggestion, or other action in connection with any Cryptocurrency Ad shall in any way limit any of your obligations under the Agreement, including your indemnification obligations, or your obligation to comply with all Applicable Laws.

Section 3. Representations and Warranties.

3.1 You represent, warrant, and undertake that, for so long as any Cryptocurrency Ads are placed with or maintained on Facebook:
All Cryptocurrency Content (including Cryptocurrency Ads, destinations linked within any Cryptocurrency Ads, and content you post on Facebook) and all products, services, businesses, or activities promoted in connection with the Cryptocurrency Content will comply with the Agreement and with all applicable laws, regulations, regulatory requirements, directives and codes of practices, including all applicable money transmission, electronic money, deposit-taking, banking, payment systems and operators, anti-money laundering, investment services, securities, or other forms of financial services laws, as well as consumer protection laws and regulations (“Applicable Laws”);
All information made available to Facebook by you or on your behalf is true and not misleading;
You have received and paid for all necessary Licenses, and all Licenses are and will be maintained in place;
You are not a party to any lawsuit, demand, proceeding, investigation, or regulatory inquiry with respect to the legality of your Cryptocurrency Ads, and none of your Cryptocurrency Ads are suspected to be in violation of any term of the Agreement or any Applicable Law. You will notify Facebook immediately if you become aware of any actual or potential claims in connection with your Cryptocurrency Ads, or if you become a party to any related lawsuit, demand, proceeding, investigation, or regulatory inquiry;
You satisfy all requirements and restrictions established by Facebook, in its sole discretion, as necessary for eligibility to display Cryptocurrency Ads on the Facebook sites; and
You have authority to bind the entity on whose behalf you are entering into this Addendum.

Section 4. Termination.

Facebook may, at any time, terminate the Addendum or remove or suspend any specific Cryptocurrency Ad for any reason or no reason and in its sole discretion without notice.

Section 5. Indemnification.

If anyone brings a claim, cause of action, or dispute against Facebook, its agents, or affiliates or their respective directors, officers, or employees, related to your use of Facebook to advertise, promote, market, or post Cryptocurrency Content, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to any such claim, cause of action, or dispute.

Section 6. Waiver.

The failure of Facebook at any time to require performance of any provision of the Agreement shall not affect in any way the full right to require the performance at any subsequent time. The waiver by Facebook of a breach of any provision of the Agreement shall not be taken or held to be a waiver of the provision itself.

Section 7. Agreement.

This Addendum supplements and does not replace any terms applicable to your purchase of advertising inventory from Facebook, including without limitation the Facebook Advertising Policies (available at https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads) and the Facebook Self-Serve Ad Terms (available at https://www.facebook.com/legal/self_service_ads_terms) or such other applicable ad ordering terms, and such terms will continue to apply to your advertising products and services (together with this Addendum, the “Agreement”). The Facebook products and services you use to run Cryptocurrency Ads are part of “Facebook” under Facebook’s Terms of Service (the “TOS”) (available at https://www.facebook.com/terms) and Commercial Terms (available at https://www.facebook.com/legal/commercial_terms), and your use of such products and services is deemed part of your use of, and actions on, “Facebook.” In the event of any express conflict between this Addendum and the TOS, the Addendum will govern solely with respect to your Cryptocurrency Ads and Cryptocurrency Content to the extent of the conflict. Facebook reserves the right to monitor or audit your compliance with these terms and to update these terms from time to time, and your continued use of Facebook to run Cryptocurrency Ads constitutes acceptance of those changes.

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